Global Preferences

Description of feature (short and simple):
This seems like as good a time as any to make a list of the UX/behavior tweaks
that one would logically expect to see in a global Preferences page.
Off the top of my head: load Default Preset on powerup, RtMM On/Off, favorite sample folders
on MicroSD, font sizes, knob increments/responsiveness, alerts for certain things (e.g. Undo/Redo, once that happens), output configuration (stereo pairs vs individual mono), screensaver choice (once there is one, e.g. flying toasters vs Electric Sheep), auto-reconnect to Ethernet network if available, etc. Please chime in with more of these as they occur to you.

How will this feature improve the workflow or experience for all SSP users (keep it short and focused): It would provide an expected and necessary ability to customize the behavior, look and feel of the SSP for each user.


OK, so these would be stored in a seperate config file, outside of the presets, correct?

Yes. The idea would be that aside from being preset-independent, the prefs could be moved from one SSP to another if one wanted to preserve one’s working environment while working at someone else’s studio, etc.

Hey there, I’m just in my first few days or wrapping my head around the SSP (so I am a total beginner) but it feels like with a module as deep as this with the number of interactions, scrolling + button clicks needed to patch something like a global preferences page (that loads automatically each time on power up) would be a huge benefit to users. Especially things like the way the encoders wrap when scrolling past min or max values.

It would also be nice to have some numerical fields be less fine by default. things like adjusting BPM add a lot of extra rotations when by default they move by .01 rather than whole numbers.
maybe over all course by default and fine with a shift key modifier?