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How can I switch presets?

You can store up to 200 presets or patches on the SD card of the SSP. At the moment, there are 2 presets which we created for you, the other 99 presets are default / blank presets. The presets are stored in a folder called “presets” on the card. If you want to backup your presets you can make a copy of this folder on your computer.

Go to the global menu. On the first page, you’ll see the name of the preset that is currently loaded.

You can use the first encoder to scroll through the list of presets, and you can load a different preset by pushing the 1st encoder. You can also use the buttons “Nxt Pr” / “Prv Pr” to switch presets.

How can I rename my current preset?

  • Go to the global menu.

  • Press “Ren Pr” in the Global menu

  • Use 2nd encoder to change / select a character. To navigate between characters in the name use the left/right buttons on the keypad.

  • When you are done renaming, press “Ren Pr” again and then press “Wri Pr” to save the changes.

How can I save my current preset?

  • Go to the global menu.

  • Press “Wri Pr”.

How can I save my changes to a new preset?

  • Go to the global menu.

  • Press “WriN” and your (modified) preset will be created on the next available preset slot.

How do I apply and change global effects?

  • Go to the second page of the Global menu using the “right” arrow button on the keypad.

  • Toggle delay or reverb on or off using the soft keys.

  • Use the encoders to change the delay/reverb settings.

Global features and settings

IMPORTANT: Global settings are currently stored on the level of the preset. Don’t forget to save your changes in the current preset by pressing “Wri”.

Page 1

  • Prv Pr: switch to previous preset.

  • Nxt Pr: switch to next preset.

  • Wri: save preset.

  • WriN: save the (modified) preset to the next available preset slot.

  • Ren Pr: rename preset.

  • Fac Rst: factory reset. At any time you can restore the factory presets by pressing the - Fac Rst button. All presets will be replaced with the factory presets after you confirm by pressing the Fac Rst button a second time.

Page 2

  • Dly En: enable/disable delay. Using the encoders you can change the DelayWet and DelayDry

  • Rev En: enable/disable reverb. Using the encoders you can change the ReverbWet and ReverbDry

Page 3

  • RtMM: rotary min/max. Enable/disable parameter values from switching from min to max or max to min.

  • LdEn: show/hide CPU usage.

  • RtEn: show/hide selected sample rate.

  • MPE: enable/disable MPE.

  • 48k: switch to sample rate 48K.

  • 96k: switch to sample rate 96K.

  • 192k: switch to sample rate 192K.


Point deducted for slight error on first two shortcuts on page 1 Celine.
Prv Pr: switch to next preset.
Nxt Pr: switch to previous preset.
I will let Bert raise that in your performance review he he

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@Martin Thanks for catching this :slight_smile: I’ve changed it in the manual.

what are the parameters on page 4 ?

Mod B, Fl Con, Fl Sel

these are for when you have audiocubes connected. Not supported at the moment but support will be added again later down the line, maybe towards the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020.

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i think i tried saving a preset wrong (1st time), i went to rename it before pressing WriN and now i cant press wri or wriN without an error message - either ‘failed to write preset’ or ‘error writing preset #0’.
Is there anyway round this as I really need to save the patch and turn off the system?
Thanks a lot

I’m getting ‘error writing preset #nnn messages. My be this approach had something to do with it??

I put the micro SD card on the PC (Win 10) - viewed the boot folder to load in the wonderful plugins - and at the sane time added 10 or so ‘blank’ presets at the end of the preset folder by copying a known blank preset then renaming and placing back in the preset folder.

It’s these that I am renaming on the Percussa and getting the error messages.

generally I copy presets around without issue.
but seems in this case… why bother… just create a blank preset, and then use wriN?

note: an empty preset is not just an empty file, you would have to copy an existing blank preset.

also note, the latest firmware has an issue with a couple of modules,
though, you are indicating they are blank?

anyway… Id just delete the problematic ones and use wriN to create them on the SSP

Yeah good tip - wriN - I just happened to be on the PC and thought I’d create a few blanks - coping a real blank (blank meaning a preset with no modules in it) and renaming the nnn.pnp file to new unused slot.

I’ll play with wrin next time I’m on.

I dont see MPE on my 2020 software. is it still there?

its no longer needed see:

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