Getting started

Overview Manual

The package you received should contain the following items:

  • SSP Eurorack module
  • microSD card + adapter
  • eurorack power cable
  • set of 4 bolts and washers

Before mounting the SSP into your rack and start using it, please read the following sections carefully.

1. microSD card

Put the microSD card into the microSD card slot as shown in the photo below (no need to wear purple gloves). Make sure the card is inserted fully by gently pushing on the card.


IMPORTANT All software and data is read from / written to the card, and the SSP needs the card to be in the slot at all times, otherwise it will stop running and can potentially crash. Pulling out the card while the SSP is running might corrupt the partitions on the card with potential data loss as a result. If you need to remove the card, first turn off the power to the SSP, wait a second or two and then pull out the card.

NOTE We’re working on a software upgrade that will remove the requirement to keep the SD card in the slot while the SSP is running. When this update becomes available we’ll notify all users via the forum or email.

2. Power

When mounting your SSP into your rack, please make sure your power supply can at least supply the following to the SSP. The SSP does not need the +5V power rail.

  • 1000 mA @ +12V
  • 200 mA @ -12V

Connect the power cable to the +/-12V connector on the back of the SSP’s motherboard and connect the other end to the bus board in your rack. Verify that the red stripe of the cable supplied with the SSP matches up with the -12V mark on the SSP’s motherboard near the connector, as well as with the -12V mark on your bus board’s power connector. The SSP has reverse power protection near the power connector to protect against accidental reverse connection. (Again, no need to wear purple gloves.)

IMPORTANT Always use the power cable which was delivered with the SSP, and do not use a normal grey standard eurorack flat cab le. Make sure to connect the cable on your bus board as close as possible to where the power is supplied to your bus board. Do not daisy chain several bus boards and then connect the SSP at the end, because it will result in poor performance.



3. Mount the SSP into your rack

Use the 4 bolts and washers to mount the SSP into your rack.

4. Protective sticker display

Remove the protective sticker (yellow corner) from the display.

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