Full module list

Brief description of all modules including those developed by TheTechnobear:

ARP - arpeggiator
ATTN - a very simple attenuator modulator with 16 inputs, TheTechnobear
BCR - bitcrusher
BUS - bus module
CLDS - an implementation of Mutable Instrument Clouds, TheTechnobear
COM - Comb filter
DATA - oscilloscope and data analyser, TheTechnobear
DCG - DC voltage generator
DLY - Delay
EFL - Envelope follower
ENV - envelope generator - ADSR
GRA - Granular
INP - Input
MAC - Macro module
MIDI - MIDI module (including MPE)
MMX4 - a matrix mixer with 4 stereo inputs and 4 stereo outputs, controllable via cv, TheTechnobear
MSW8 - 8 in / 8 out switch matrix, TheTechnobear
MTIN - a midi input module, which allows you to select midi device, TheTechnobear
MTMO - a midi monitor, useful to see your SSP is getting midi you expect, TheTechnobear
MTOT - a module to allow you to send note and cc out to other midi devices, TheTechnobear
MTQ - Microtonal quantizer
NOI - Noise Generator
OUT - Output
PLTS - an implementation of Mutable Instrument Plaits, TheTechnobear
PMIX - performance mixer, TheTechnobear
PWM - physical modelling membrane
RNGS - an implementation of Mutable Instrument Rings, TheTechnobear
RVB - Reverb
SAM - Sampler
SDL - Simple delay
SHQ - sample and hold module with optional quantizer and tranposition, TheTechnobear
STE - Step Seq
SVF - State Variable Filter
SWAT - swiss army tool, TheTechnobear
SWI - switcher
WS - waveshaper
WTO - Wavetable Oscillator


thanks for this, it may be finally think about doing something about module documentation.

if you’d like to get involved, see this topic

Hi there,
Thanks for this list, really helpful.
Is there a way to download a folder with all the modules?
Thanks a lot

most up to date list is on the community wiki here

it also gives (some) details of each module, including parameter, inputs and outputs.

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