Fix 28112020

This update fixes a few issues related to pitch CV to frequency conversion and voltage ranges of the SSP’s inputs and outputs, reported by @thetechnobear.

  • moved output gain / HPF config code out of startup script and into application
  • adjusted output and input scaling and offsetting to achieve exact -5V…+5V range and moved this code out of individual modules
  • updated coarse/fine/freq parameters of modules such that they act as transposition controls when pitch signal is connected (relative to 440Hz tuning freq), using C5 as reference note for conversions
  • adjusted pitch signal / freq conversion code such that within the SSP we use idealized voltages where 1V or 1 octave corresponds to value 0.2 and 0V = C5
  • changed reference note for pitch / freq conversions in MTQ to C5 from C4
  • updated code such that offsetting/scaling of inputs/outputs is not applied to USB audio/cv/gate signals

Installing this update will require you to download and install new versions of @thetechnobear’s plugins for the SSP. Please refer to the relevant forum posts by @thetechnobear

Download link for the update -