Firmware upgrade form a very early verson

I just got a used SSP and I want to upgrade the firmware.
I am on a windows 8 computer.
It will not allow me to access and copy the SD card.
Asking to format and I hit no. Just like the instructions say to do .i can not do anything else.
I can’t backup, open or unzip to it.

I am sure it is a very early version of the firmware. But can’t find the number. I tried videoing the boot up but could not find it.

If I have to loose everything on the card it would be ok.
It came from junkieXl and there are tons of samples on it that did not get removed. But wiping the card would probably make me do the ethical thing. Dam it haha.

start by rewriting the card using the sd card image in the forum, then put the latest software on top of it on the card.

you might need windows 10 to do the last step, but rewriting the card should be possible from win 7 onwards.

Thanks but I don’t have windows 10
But I will go get a new extreme sd card to try
I don’t want to brick this unit.
I have used cutting edge electronics since the mid 80s and this is the first thing I am nervous updating.
I will get over it

I searched and could not find the disk image file.
I downloaded the Update zip. And have a fresh card.

Never mind I found it looking for the wrong thing
Happy new year