Finger drumming with SSP

Finger drumming with SSP & Eurorack is a lot of fun!!


elaborate a bit more on your setup & routing please

straight from the Roland into the SSP ?
just a sampler patch with some reverb & delay ?
did you adjust the reverb time externally ?

Connect handsonic to SSP by using USB midi interface.
It’s a sampler patch with modulation and can tweak sound by ribbon controller on Handsonic.
Reverb & delay is external module.

Rough routing is as below.

Handsonic(as midi controller) ---- SSP (as flexible sampler) —ER-301(as looper and mixer)—Magneto(Delay&reverb)

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how to rate the magneto s reverb & (simple) delay versus the SSP ones?

Sound is totally different because magneto is tape echo & spring reverb emulation.
I use SSP’S reverb for sound tuning. Magneto is for effective sound like dubwise.

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thanks for sharing! great work :slight_smile:

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