External switch between Presets

would be great to switch presets not only thru Midi but also by incoming cv or gates

when performing a patch I want to perferably switch between presets thru cv (or quantized)

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Good idea. I don’t think we can work on this right now, but definitely something we can work on after we delivered the SDK and all the KS stretch goal modules.

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I feel like it wouldnt really work as it takes time to load a preset, but if this is possible would be great if the same functionality could be accessed using program change over midi.

I already have some program change > preset change code that I have been working on, so eventually this will happen. The preset format is now also much much faster to load.


We’d be very interested in reopening this request. The MIDI program change method seems more straightforward than quantized CV. Of course there’s going to be some limit on how fast you can load.


yes, that is always the case , with every sequencer / setup

but for that reason, we can change the PC just before the end of the bar/sequence, according to the load time

(the EMU command station sequencers have a few ticks before each sequence just for this reason : to store/send MIDI -inital values- cc’s and PC’s)

The ability for the Percussa SSP to receive MIDI program change is an essential feature for my performance needs. It makes sense that this feature would include send & receive for those using the sequencer to run a larger compliment of external modules and synths. In my case the midi program change would be sent by a computer to the SSP.



Does this feature exist in 2023?
Being able to load presets/projects by program change (bonus points for pages of presets/projects via “banks”) makes certain hardware workflows trivial.

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