Experimenting with the Microtonal Quantizer

The pitches are randomly generated by a noise generator with variable frequency, and they then go into the MTQ module which quantizes them according to the loaded scale. After that they are fed into a simple sine wave oscillator with some delay and reverb applied at the global level.

The MTQ bugs are fixed in the upcoming software update to be posted this coming weekend.

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Nice one @celine, :+1:great to have examples of modules in operation. Would help me, if you shown how to get there, an additional few minutes you loading and setting up the modules, and the scale. Which could be used in video tutorials.

the update that introduced the MTQ module came with a preset. Did you try loading the preset yet?

Yes Bert, I think it came on preset 2 but I may have overwritten as this is a SAM demo, I will load them all again, but still I am better at understanding when watching and to watch this along with entering a scale. But this is me, and you both are busy. Just thought I would mention to consider recording a bit earlier. I don’t mind if you ignore this request, as everyone else appears competent.

I’ll keep your feedback in mind when I make videos.

You can rename your preset files before you drop them in the presets folder so you don’t overwrite your own.

Thank you, I was thinking that it would be great to add text before, do I need to keep in format ie: 001.text______.pbp. Thanks Bert.

I don’t think that will work, the preset file names are a 3-digit number with extension pbp.