Error! Failed to open output -1: in use or not found

Bug description (state clearly and simply):
A Linux-looking modal dialogue appeared with the message above. There is an OK button but no way to click it (I tried plugging in a USB keyboard and mouse). Audio keeps playing through wavetable oscillator, but none of the input buttons / encoders do anything. Need to reboot.

Steps to reproduce (use numbered List):
Haven’t tried to reproduce, wouldn’t be able to retrace my fumbling steps. One thing that might have been weird with my patch is that I had two output module instances, one with a sampler into it, and the other with a wto + lfo.

Software version (blank if unknown): original

Type (major or minor): major

Number of output modules in use shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve had 10 in one patch before.

Thanks for reporting! This is a bug. Based on the error and having a look at the code, I think it has something to do with the listboxes/comboboxes of the midi devices (global menu, page 3). I was not able to reproduce it yet, but I will have a closer look at the code to understand what is causing this.

Hmm, IIRC there was no MIDI module in the patch.

that doesn’t matter actually, it’s just that there are midi listboxes in the global menu but those are actually irrelevant right now because the SSP only supports the first device you plug in. So we have to remove those as well as the code for encoder 3/4 in this context and then the bug will be fixed.

I just experienced the bug during my first few minutes exploring the module… If it helps (though it looks like you found the root):

I had a cable patched from the first output to a buffered multiplier, and the first input patched with an envelope from MATHS module. Spend about 30 seconds diving menus – and got the selfsame dialog box…


So if I plugged an ethernet adapter into the ethernet supporting USB port, could I ssh into the percussa to force it to reboot? (this use case is a novelty at the moment, but curious what’s possible and how much is exposed to the shell) :exploding_head: )

Looking forward to the update, if you need beta testers, consider my hand raised.

It is not possible to reboot the SSP, because of the configuration of the kernel, however, you can stop/start the service when you’re connected with SSH.

sudo service synthor stop

and start the service again

sudo service synthor start

If you really want to reboot you have to power off/on the SSP.

You can find some more explanation about how to ssh into the SSP here:

Thanks for sharing this!

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Nice debuggin’ !

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this should be fixed now in the update -