Dial-in Pitch directly from STE module

Here’s a tip based on the latest 28112020 update. As the -5V / 0V / +5V is now linearly distributed and calibrated across the SSPs (pitch) control voltage, it is now possible to dial-in pitches in semi-tones directly from the STE sequencer. All you need to do is to select 120 as the number of steps (parameter StLs on screen) and every step level represents exactly one semi-tone. No need to insert a quantiser between the STE and modules like to LFO and WTO anymore. This makes working with melodic sequences much easier.

Attached is a patch that demonstrates this with a mjor scale programmed over 5 octaves. Get those melodies going!

021.5_Octaves_Direct_from_STE.zip (29.9 KB)


yeah, the new cv changes, make pitch easier to use.

here are my two tips , in the same vain :slight_smile:

a) use different Step range depending upon your needs
I actually like to use StLs = 24 , so I get one octave up n’ down.
if you use StLs = 24, then you simply multiply the pitch output by 0.2
scale = StLs/ 120 , so 48 = 48/120 = 0.4)

b) you can sum pitch values
in the example below I have two sequencers, one playing a fast sequence and is the main melody, the second is a slow sequence - which transposes the first.

025.pbp.zip (58.4 KB)

some bonus tips.

  • when using STE its better to use L1 rather than S for pitches as you probably want the last gate value (if you use a SHQ it doesn’t matter since its got a S&H in it)

  • I like to scale the input on the oscillator, this might feel a bit ‘illogical’ … scaling the output of the STE seems more appropriate - but doing on the input means, if you have multiple seq you only have to do once.
    of course, this assumes you want the same scaling for each STE, if not its better to do on the output of the STE.

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That makes life much easier, great that the update included this :wink:

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