Development update [Sep 2021]

Hi all

As you are all aware, in January of 2020, the covid pandemic started, and just like many other business, our business has been significantly impacted.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have released 2 major updates and 3 smaller bugfixing updates, the last one posted in November of 2020, see Fix 28112020

After this last update, I reviewed open issues and feature requests and decided to focus on rewriting the graphics code of the software, to use the GPU. Based on my experiments this would free up additional CPU cycles which can be used for audio DSP, and would enable more advanced visualisations. This rewrite will also contribute positively in many other areas of the SSP.

Since the last update, I have been working on this rewrite. Pulling this off is very difficult and takes all my attention, and I cannot work on other updates until this is done. As part of this upcoming update, we will also be releasing a new SD card image, with a new kernel and rootfs.

I’ll be posting more news as I get closer to a beta version of the update.

Thanks for your continued support,