Dead percussa SSP SD Card?

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My percussa doesn’t light up, no sign, nothing. Seems to be dead. Memory card seems to be damaged…shall I try something else before replacing memory card?
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Before venturing further, can you note why you feel the memory card might be damaged? Do you mean physically or corrupted?

You can restore the card from an image file, the process for which is outlined in the very recent software update thread. This is a prerequisite for the current and immediately prior recent updates anyway.

I think is physically corrupted because I cannot access it in windows at all.

I’ve had that happen, and it then showed up fine on a Mac. I’m wondering if that has anything to do with the fact that the SSP is running a version of Linux under the hood. (Maybe a driver is missing from Windows 10.)

But more to the point–I think there’s a decent chance the SD card is ok, which isn’t as good in this situation; I’d rather your SSP hardware be working!

Please give Percussa a heads-up directly, as they don’t monitor the forum every day.

Fingers crossed there’s something non-serious afoot here!

i have not once been able to access my SD card through Windows 7 or Windows 10 although i have dev. patches & all other/latest updates installed

i always (have to) use Linux to access my SD card

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So, let me summarise:

  • first, I have to check on Linux if the card is corrupted or not
  • then I have to go further to see if percussa is ok or not. For the moment I can enjoy a black screen and no other signs

Hi, your not on your own, mine has done exactly the same trying to flash the drive using the Etcher and previously used Win 10 to access and update. I will report this to so check this space.

@Soundimizer I suggest you write a direct email to Percussa and have them assess your situation. No need to wait and wonder on a black screen any longer than that.

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there is no problem accessing the SD Card on Windows 10. Windows 7 simply is not capable of dealing with cards with multiple partitions, this is a known problem and something that Microsoft decided to do.

If you have problems on Windows 10 then either your card is corrupt or you don’t have the latest Windows 10 updates, or you have an Administrator who locked down accessing cards on your computer.

Keep in mind that it is normal for Windows 10 to want to format your card. Do NOT let it do that as you might lose your presets or samples on the card and then have to re-write the image to the card. Again, this is something that windows always does and I have no control over this. Just ignore the popups.

Also, the only partition you should really access is the BOOT partition. Do not mess with the other drive letters or partitions on the card.

On Mac OSX, or linux, we don’t have any of these issues …

see Short Guide - How to flash an SD card image to your SSP's SD Card for instructions on how to re-write your SD Card.

For the image file to use, see Update 23072019 [Multichannel USB audio/cv/gate/trigger streaming update; input and output module simplifications and improvements]