DATA: Oscilloscope/Data Analysis, by TheTechnobear

Data : oscilloscope and data analyser

oscilloscope and data analyser

Download : here

Documentation : here

Developer: TheTechnobear

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Fantastic work, I have a DATA module I was thinking about getting rid of, this might cover all my use cases!

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yeah, I had mordax data and sold it, to afford the SSP …

Mordax data is excellent, one of my favourite modules, and I did miss it.
though I realised, I used it mainly for display waveforms, and also looking at voltages, so I did feel I was under-utilising it.

for sure, this currently only has some of its function, but I hope to build it up over time.
though, I’ve got so many module ideas, I want to hit the ‘key’ features of each first, before really pushing into the details of them all.

that said, DATA and SWAT are really useful when Im testing and developing new modules - so they might get a bit more love :wink:

I’ll also admit its nice having something graphical on the beautiful SSP display!


This is lovely - superb module. Many thanks for building and sharing. :grinning:
I do believe a coffee is in order! I too have a Mordax Data which is pretty much in most Eurorack setups and I can see this being utilized within Percussa in much the same way.


Actually I wonder if you can help me with something. The ‘Data’ module is correctly showing C3 as the value of the note being played on the Arturia Keystep - BUT I am getting C6 for the actual sound coming out. I am using the WTO oscillator. To compensate I moved the octaves down on the key step so an ok temporary fix - but I’d like to know what I’m doing or rather not doing?

v/oct cv inputs are relative (unlike midi) - so basically added to an oscillators ‘base’ octave.
so normally to get the octave range you want, you usually just set the ‘coarse tune’ on the oscillator.

DATA when displaying a note, is just assuming your oscillator is set to C4=0v.
(which is a pretty common tuning, albeit it arbitary)

so for the WTO there are a few possibilities:
a) it maybe your waveform actually incorporates multiple cycles - this would pitch it up!
if so you could correct your wavetable.

b) I think WTO has coarse tune, so you could lower that.

c) use an -0.2 offset per octave on the v/oct input (or midi pitch output)
so if you want to go from C6 to C3, simply offset by -0.6

I’d probably use ( c ) as a ‘quick fix’ , as (b) can introduce some odd tuning issues (iirc)
(you can also use SWAT to do this transpose, but its a bit overkill)

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Many thanks for your help here - after some investigation it was a) above - I didn’t realise that. So good to know and another bit learnt.

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Any news on if you will be adding spectrum analyzer into DATA?

not yet, partly because its too warm to do anything at the moment… but also because Ive started something else :wink:


Gotcha :slight_smile: thank you for getting back to me.

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