DATA: Oscilloscope/Data Analysis, by TheTechnobear

Data : oscilloscope and data analyser

oscilloscope and data analyser

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Change Log

1.0.2 release, fix cents
1.0.1 early access release - midi learn,
1.0.0 early access release

Developer: TheTechnobear

I develop these plugins for free, please consider supporting my efforts with a donation.

General Usage

Data is inspired by a modern digital oscilliscope which have the capabilities not only to view traces
but also to give us information about the input signals.

We have 4 input signals (A-D), that can be audio or CV.

There are 4 ways of display
Main Scope - shows all 4 traces, which can be turned on/off and scale/offset

X/Y scope - takes 2 signals, first is used to X, second is used for Y.

Mini Scope - a smaller verison of the main scope showing 2 channels.

Data - displays min/max/average of the display scope in volts
Note is the v/oct value of average - designed for CV, it is NOT pitch detection/tuning!

the current UI will display the Data at all times.
then a combination of either the Main Scope , or a pair of X/Y scope or Mini scope.

Future plans

I’ve lots of ideas for this plug-in, we could do things like spectrum analyser.
also I’d like to have a function to allow user to select areas and get data readouts to compare values.


  • unconnected inputs
    will not appear on main scope.

  • scale/offset
    using scale and offset, we can place different traces above/below each other.
    scale/offset are only used on main scope - x/y and mini scopes are unaffected.

  • outputs
    for ease of use, the input signals are reflected to the output, this allows for patching ‘inline’.
    it should be noted, as with all SSP modules this may include a 1 buffer delay of the signal.


Percussa SSP -


Fantastic work, I have a DATA module I was thinking about getting rid of, this might cover all my use cases!

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yeah, I had mordax data and sold it, to afford the SSP …

Mordax data is excellent, one of my favourite modules, and I did miss it.
though I realised, I used it mainly for display waveforms, and also looking at voltages, so I did feel I was under-utilising it.

for sure, this currently only has some of its function, but I hope to build it up over time.
though, I’ve got so many module ideas, I want to hit the ‘key’ features of each first, before really pushing into the details of them all.

that said, DATA and SWAT are really useful when Im testing and developing new modules - so they might get a bit more love :wink:

I’ll also admit its nice having something graphical on the beautiful SSP display!