Creating the Latest SD Disk

Hi All - just want to check that I’ve got things right. I’m creating a new micro SD disk from scratch and just wanted to make sure I’ve got the latest update disk.

i) Used ETCHER (on Win10) to flash the image from the 23072019 update (from the updates section of this forum) to the new blank micro SD disk.

ii) Copy and replace to new disk the latest SYNTHOR from update 281120 (again from the updates section)

iii) Copy and replace to new disk Technobear’s latest plugins release dated 210521

iv) Sorted out presets - here copying my backup over to new disk

Correct. I did exactly that a few weeks ago.

Also note that if you copy a large number of VST plugins to the disk, these currently allocate some of the core memory of the SSP. This leaves not enough memory for some of the complex polyphonic synth patches such as the 8Voice WTO and the Oberheim presets and these may sound distorted.

I created a second boot-SD for that purpose - one with and one without VSTs…

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Thanks for confirmation - due to moving to the small room in the house I’ve been away from things for a bit, so was a little rusty. That’s a very useful tip regarding the VST setup - I’ll sort my self out a second SD disk as well :grinning:

While I think about it - did you need to do anything with WTO 8 voice and the Oberheim to get them to work with the latest software / builds?