Control Knobs - Linear vs Logarithmic

The knob turning is driving me crazy. What I would like is more detail at the bottom of the range, and more corse control at the top. ie. more control at 0Hz than at 20kHz. Can we get an option for controls to be Logarithmic?


Similarly having some knob acceleration would vastly improve the navigation of the SSP.


there is knob acceleration on all parameters already. If it doesn’t work the way you want it to work, then please be specific about what exactly doesn’t work and where.

the solution to this problem is to tweak the knob acceleration code.

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I’m not even noticing knob acceleration. Is this something that has to be enabled on the global page?

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no, it’s enabled by default.

even when joggling the encoders like a madman, there’s no sign of acceleration
try to change the frequency of the WTO from 440 hz to 14400 hz, you’re in it for 2 min
-if i give one good turn on the wheel of fortune, it should scan all the (available) range in one go
try to change the number of waves parameter in the WTO from 1 to 255 (to try different settings) ; you’re busy at least a min
what’s more, with all that turning, you’re very likely to touch another encoder, so that value will change as well
no good
push+encoder should be default value

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I’m having the same frustration it doesn’t seem like moving the encoders faster makes much difference and like you in certain parameters and with large samples I’m spending multiple minutes trying to dial in the value I want

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