Connecting your SSP to a network (ethernet and wifi!)

I’ve added details on the community wiki, on how to connect your SSP to your network using ethernet or wifi !

direct link here: Networking Guide

(on the community wiki, you can find it under ‘tips n’ tricks’)


  • this is for the LATEST release only… which has much improved networking abilities :slight_smile:
    (also things have changed a bit, so ignore previous topics on this subject)
  • most users do not need to have a network connection to the SSP.
    however, it’s very useful copying files around, or changing seutps - and is particularly useful for developers.
  • in Live performance scenarios Id advise against network connection - particularly wifi!
    it can cause audio glitches.
    in practice, I’ve never had any, so its kind of a disclaimer, you have been warned :wink:

I used this guide to connect to my wifi network. I made 2 small changes to the document. Thanks so much for the guide!!


cool , are you sure it has to be in left USB port, I thought… when I tried, either would work.
pretty sure this is the case with the ethernet dongle too…

I know in the previous firmware only ONE work, but its a little less fussy now in my experience.

that said, I think I did notice it not working if wifi dongle was plugged in during boot, only after … or something like that?

Id like to update the wiki to be accurate though, i.e. only list things that are proven.
(perhaps as ‘known issues’)

My edit was based on the information in the quick start manual:

Yeah, as I thought (just tested) - that’s not applicable any more - new firmware → new kernel build, new features :wink: … dongles (wifi and ethernet) work in either usb a port.

I’ll point this out in the wiki… (edit: done)

it’s always worth re-testing things with the new image, as its a very different beast for the original image.

edit: one consideration perhaps… but unlikely to be an issue is… full speed usb = 12Mbps, hi-speed = 480mbps, so (esp. with an ethernet dongle) you might be bandwidth limited.

of course, depends on your use-case - if you also connect an usb drive/sd card reader, you might prefer that to have the higher bandwidth :wink:

again, I’ve added this information to wiki… more information is the way forward, so users can choose whats best of them.

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If wifi is configured but unavailable, will the Percussa boot up, or will it hang?

it’ll boot fine… or at least does for me.

I have it configured, but generally the wi-fi dongle is not plugged in, and had no issues.

(I also do the same with my ethernet dongle, which similarly has no issues)

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