Compression / Limiting modules?

Hi there, n00b question, but are there any options for compression on the SSP?

there is no compressor module (currently)

however, this is modular … so depending on your needs you may be able to build something similar…

e.g. you can use the enveloper follower (EFL) → VCA., or use a gate->ENV → VCA
(used inverted EFL/ENV signal to push down the VCA rather than open it)

what’s nice about the EFL → VCA route, is we can do things like filtering, to make it respond more/less to certain frequencies.

Something like what you’ve suggested is the analogue workaround I use in my rack currently. Was praying for compression (in an ideal world muti-band), with all the normal trimmings (thresh, attack, release, knee, ratio options, a key/sidechain input maybe), in an attempt to level up my sound within the DAWless arrangement I am going for.

what’s the scope for someone like me (again, very n00b re SSP… have done some baby raspberry pi stuff, can code python etc) getting something like this x42 Compressor into the SSP, functionally?

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since that VST is already compiled to ARM it should be too hard, but maybe it is up to the dev. to provide or license one

so that (particular) plugin is GPL so the source code could legally be compiled for the SSP.

however, it’s not quite as simple as that… plugins can depend on certain libraries that may not be present, or easily utilised - particularly in the UI/Graphics realm.

that said, I tend to find that really you really want to build the UI specifically for the SSP anyways.
the reason is simple… plugins are built for desktop/laptops which you interact with with a mouse/keyboard… where as our UI needs to be based around encoders/buttons.
… and that influences the whole UI.

not saying it’s hard, all im saying is its more than just ‘compiling’ the VST and boom its done.

but back to the original topic… building a compressor.
its not that hard, the DSP is not that complex, and ‘freely available’ (x42 is actually based on zita-dc1) … and something like the UI shown with the X42 is not particularly complex to develop.

as for writing a vst in python… in theory this can be done, there are various vst frameworks for all sorts of languages… in practice, you might have issues with what libraries etc they depend on.

as for development of a compressor,
Ive been a bit busy on the projects recently, but hoping to get back to the SSP soon…
I’ll try to remember to have a look at a compressor, as a simple one should be quick to throw together with the framework I already have.

just need to remember, as frankly, for music I do, I never really use a compressor … and if I did, Id probably leave it till its multi-tracked out to the daw, and use a compressor there.
but I do recognise its pretty important for some styles of music.

I guess another way of looking at this, is Im not short of ideas for what modules are ‘needed’, just time to sit down and write them… so I tend to do the ones that ‘excite’ me the most :wink:


One day my dream of “New York” style drum bus all within the SSP will happen. I have faith. :pray:

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I’ve built this with PMIX and COMP.
Send channels 1-6 to Aux1
Pull channel faders down completely but don’t mute them
Send Aux1 to COMP
Return COMP to channels 7/8
Send 7/8 to L/R Main Outs

Now use your Aux1 sends to the Comp
Blend in channels of uncompressed audio

You’re in New York, baby!