Clock Divider Preset

Here is a preset that works as a clock divider, inspired by the 4ms RCD.
It uses the gate outputs of several Step Sequencers. The assignment is as follows:
Input 1: Clock In
Output 1: Clock /1 (Original)
Output 2: Clock / 2
Output 3: Clock / 3
Output 4: Clock / 4
Output 5: Clock / 5
Output 6: Clock / 6
Output 7: Clock / 7
Output 8: Clock / 8
Original preset location is 008; file renamed to 008 Clock Divider.pbp for easy sharing; please rename to your own liking.
008 Clock (128.4 KB)


i was looking for something like this to play (litterally) with different clock outs
are/could these outs assigned to a knob?

Thanks for sharing!

Great that you added this to the #ssp-preset-corner.

Hi tiger001, I’m not sure whether I understand your question correctly, but have a look at the Preset Cloclic 12345678 that I uploaded. This generates clock signals all related to an editable master tempo. Hope this helps you along…

Hi 2disbetter, I have had a pretty steep learning curve with the SSP and am now getting the hang of it. I craved for a well written manual and tutorial-like material and I wish it came with a full library of completed presets to demonstrate the versatility and power of the module. As for my own presets, I am currently thinking along the lines of emulating existing modules that I no longer have to buy. Especially for those types of modules that you don’t use in every patch. I wish more people shared their creations and hope that my contribution here may inspire some SSP users. It seems that in this part of the forum I am the first after Bert’s factory material…


the latest software update comes with a collection of 60 presets as well as samples.

this is a start -

thanks for posting presets and for contributing! look forward to other people’s contributions as well.

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I know this post is old but I’m disappointed there isn’t more shared on here by SSP users. I just got mine and it is a steep learning curve for sure, but I would have hoped to see more community involvement, which helps keep a product going (I bought mine when I saw Technobear had started developing vsts for it).
Why is it that there isn’t more activity on here? I think it’s somewhat surprising given how powerful the SSP is and imagining the creative ways people have come up with to use it.

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good question… (perhaps deserves it own topic?!)

MATTHS did a great set of videos showing 'how to use the SSP?'

I’ve just got mine too, and have been considering doing a set of videos which go beyond this, more looking at developing patch ideas, as I start exploring various aspects of the SSP.

that said, I’m not sure how many SSP owners there are, so I wonder about the appeal of these - not that, that is in itself a reason to make or not make them.
(I’m changing my setup a bit over next few days… which hopefully will make this easier due to better lighting)

The other question is…
what would you like to see? what presets?

so far, I’ve found that I patch the SSP on the fly, just like I patch the rest of the modular - rather than looking for a particular ‘preset’, so my presets have tended to be more ‘templates’ where I start from e.g. have my standard input/outputs patches.
but is early days for me, so perhaps that will change.

as i say, probably a good topic in its own right…
also you could post topics asking ‘how might i patch …’, which im sure others could help you with.

any way that’s just my 2 cents as a few newcomer :slight_smile:


I did watch those Mathhs videos before I bought the SSP, which were very helpful. I don’t know how big an audience there is for SSP videos but I for one would be very interested in almost anything you put up, whether creating your “templates” or patches, or even just watching you patch live a la the patch from scratch videos.


I’m relatively new here also, (I think I’ve had my SSP for just over a month) I was also surprised by how quiet this forum is compared to similar forums for other modules, but I’m guessing it’s due to a few things, I’d imagine the SSP is quite a niche product even by eurorack standards and maybe it attracts users that are a bit more advanced In patching and general knowledge of modules In general than myself so there is less need for those sorts of people to post here, or maybe they are just busy diving into the depths of the SSP and don’t have time to post here?
Patching was a big hurdle for me initially for some reason (I’m getting the hang of it now :)) and some of the modules work in ways I’m not quite used to or not familiar with (to be expected) I just need to sit with these and work them out like any other module. I kinda compare it to buying a big rack of modular and having to learn every module in that rack. My approach was to just start patching the simpler module from Scratch and build from that Eg:
I’d love to see some advanced users doing some simple preset example patches with some more detailed explaining of what’s going on, but I realise this is time consuming and often wonder if just getting your hands dirty would be just as effective…maybe not.
I’ve also spent a good amount of time going through the included presets but personally I found it quite hard to understand what was going on as a noob.


my experience is its quite hard to build ‘communities’, esp with dedicated websites/forums - we are all ‘time limited’ (that said discord is pretty good software in this regard)

what I would say though is, building a community is something only the user base can do.
on most i know, often it’s ‘ignited’ by a few users who regularly contribute… and so create a reason for others to come back.

contribute… is very vague here, it could be sharing tips, presets etc,
but it can also be asking questions, creating conversations, sharing ideas.
if this is all done in a positive manner, then long term users will come and help and discuss (*)

so Id say… if you’d like to see more community, start posting and sharing…
could be music you’ve made, ideas you’ve had, presets to share , or questions on how to achieve something.
the more activity we create the more ssp users will come to see whats going on :slight_smile:

anyway, thats my experience with more ‘complex’ stuff (e.g Axoloti, Organelle, rPI) where I find communities are really useful - more than just a support forum.

(*) this is how I usually differentiate ‘support forums’ from community forums…
support forums tend to focus on bugs and wishes which can come across quite ‘negative’ at times… people understandably always want more. but I rarely see much ‘sharing’ going on, on these forums - often users only go to them when they have a problem they want to solve.

I am a long term user and there used to be a lot of communication during, after Kickstarter, myself also a newbie to eurorack also found it head scratching and frustrating not been able to to get to grips with the functionality of the SSP from a deep patching prospective, and i agree with comments, it is a more advanced user hardware devise and I said this in the early developments stages, but everyone appeared to know what they were talking about and using it. The video’s done by Matths were a relief and well appreciated but my enthusiasm had disappeared and SSP has just been a dust collector, but the input and hard work from thetechnobear and other new enthusiastic forum users and the prospect of more vst’s are helping bringing this forum and want to get to grips back to life and it would be appreciated for tutorials, and I would certainly buy a coffee for the contribution. I’ve only contributed standard scala scales I did for the quantizer but this is only as a result of not been able to contribute presets, or demonstrate usability. Tutorials are essential as you can allocate time to understand in full and in one place rather than spending loads of music creation time searching through a bazillion scattered forum posts. Previous discussions in terms of a manual I agree are time consuming but when i buy a product, I find it really helpful to have a well developed manual explaining and guides in creating sound/patches, but i am not hear or speaking to stir anything and receive negative responses, lets just say that is from my prospective. Good to see what is happening and positive vibes rather than someone suggesting and requesting and receiving negative feedback and crititism.