Changing modules

Bug description (state clearly and simply):
Changing a block in an existing preset doesn’t work. System just hops to the Linux shell without actually selecting something

Steps to reproduce (use numbered list):

  1. Loaded an existing patch
  2. On the N page, trying to select a function for a free block (under the + sign) with the “<” and “>” keys results in a crash. Jumps to Linux shell and comes back after 1 second.

Software version (blank if unknown):
Update 15072018

Type (major or minor):
major, I guess.

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I cannot reproduce this. What did you have in your patch in terms of modules?

I did a factory reset and tool the preset 001 “granular”. Clicked “>” or “<” on the N page.

OK, I’ll try to reproduce it here and get back to you.

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FWIW, experiencing the same issue here.

thanks for reporting.

Thanks for reporting, this is indeed a bug. We were able to reproduce it. We’ll fix this ASAP.

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Just installled the latest update and am experiencing a similar issue on my SSP.
Went to and empty preset and navigated to a “+” cell and tried using both the “<“ and “>” icons to add a module and I get a system reboot to the code startup screen and then end up on preset 01 again. Repeated behavior after two complete power cycles. I download the update without the WTQ preset scale files.

We’ll work on a fix tomorrow and post it as soon as it’s ready.


This has been fixed in