Buchla and Sequencer Questions!

I am putting together a case to control my Buchla Easel, O Control, O Coast, Poly-D, and Maschine VST, and be able to run them and others through some analog filters.

I want to go with the percussa SSP to help with all this. I have and understand the power of the ER-301, but would love to work on the percussa for this setup. Few features I’m wondering if it has.

Does Percussa have:

Euclidean Sequencer?

Turing Machine?

Pitch Sequencer?

Clock Managment tools including dividers, multipliers and resets?

And can it do 1 Volt per octave to 1.2 Volt per octave conversions for my Buchla? Maybe through the quantizer? Idk??

Random CV? Stepped and slewed?

Slew limiter?

Unipolar LFOs? Buchla can’t do bipolar LFOs.

I have attached the planned rack, and I’m wondering if the 3 modules I’ve highlighted are redundant with the SSP.


not currently - but anyone can create vsts :slight_smile:
I do want to do something interesting in this area, but not sure when I’ll be ready to release :wink:


you could use the sequencer to do the divisions/multiplication,
I kind of want to create a clock divider, just not got around to it.

this should be possible, since just need to multiple by 1.2 - no?
every connection can have an offset and multiplier.

yes, there is a noise and ive created a s&h module(which can also optionally quantised)
it currently only has a fixed slew, though you potentially can slew with a filter…

no problem, you can scale/offset voltages to ensure its unipolar.

note: the cv output is +/-5v, so this would mean you would be limited to 5v range
(as you shift that to 0-10v, only ‘compress’ it to 0-5v )

cv -> midi , midi -> cv should be covered.
some of PNW, id say is covered, some is not…

there is a full list of modules on https://www.percussa.com/

also if you look at the “SSP Modules” category on this forum, you will find posts for each of the VSTs Ive created, and details on them

I’ve been looking for complimentary modules recently for the SSP.

From my forum diving, there’s a lot of ask for more features for clocking and sequencing, so if you’re looking for companion modules to compliment the SSP, I think pitch sequencers, and gate sequencers, and voltage offset/polarizers would be what to look for. Pam’s would be great because I don’t think there’s a comprehensive clock division module yet. Pam’s can also cover the fun sequencing stuff like turing machines and euclidean. I don’t think there’s a comprehensive “random” module yet either so Pam’s would work great here as well for random clocks / LFOs / sequences. Pam’s unfortunately is 0-5v, SSP is -5 to +5v, so I looked into offsets and adders, recommended to me was the A*B+C Befaco module, and I bought a ATN8 from Antumbra that gives me 8 circuits for converting to 0-10v. The erogenous tones levit 8 is a similar module, but I couldn’t find any in stock anywhere.

The midi to CV doepfer I think is redundant because SSP can take midi input. You can use a midi device to sequence things on the SSP. SSP can convert the midi info to CV and output it via any one of the outputs, including clocks or pitch information.

I’m unfamiliar with the VCMC, but it looks like a midi controller, what are you trying to do with it? SSP can input and output midi and CV messages, so would you be using this just as a fader box? Might be able to find cheaper options or a dedicated midi controller to save HP if you need it.

Hope this helps!