Birdstudiosla sample slicer vst announcement

Hey guys so Bird Studios L.A. is excited to announce that we are developing a SAMPLE SLICER VST for the SSP!

The VST is currently in development and should be wrapping up in the next few months or so.
I will keep you all in the loop as it comes together.

-Ben Lewis


Oh, that’s good news. I’ll look forward to your Sample Slicer. Thank you!

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:star_struck: yes! Thanks for developing for the platform!

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great news, let us know if you need any help or have any questions

Thank you Bert. We will. Thank you for creating such a wonderful module.


@benlewis2017 Wow. Can’t wait to check it out. Any further progress to report?

We are making steady progress :wink:


Did this ever make it to release?