Best method for importing samples to SSP?

Hello! I have tons of field recordings that I’d love to process with the SSP. I could record them over ableton via the USB connection … but I wasn’t sure what the quickest and most efficient way to import my own sample files was. It seems like there are a few via the micro SD card too

if you have an sdcard reader (highly recommended ;))
then you can simply remove the sdcard from the SSP, and mount it on your computer (via sdcard reader) and copy your (wav) samples into the ‘samples’ folder.

thats the quickest way to get samples across…
(though means you need to power down your ssp)

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If your field recordings have a long duration (like mine!) then as technobear said SD card transfer.

I also like to sample straight into the audio inputs of my samplers too. You can use the recorder page for this.

the problem is that the ‘recorder’ recordings are automatically stored in a separete folder (not too bad) but are also automatically named, with a naming scheme that can’t be changed - and i think you cannot rename those samples on the SSP itself either

yeah, for now I find it easiest to do file manager (renaming, organising) directly on the sdcard.

actually this is not strictly true… I invariably do it via a network connection, since Ive setup ethernet connectivity - but I don’t think many have done that … its not hard, but its a little ‘fiddly’ and needs a usb ethernet dongle.

that said, for big file transfers, a (usb3) sdcard reader is still faster.