Beatstep Pro Drum sequencer

Good day Everyone,

I’m having issues getting my Arturia Beatstep Pro working with the SSP and was wondering if anyone has had any luck and could maybe point out my mistakes.

Both sequencers 1 and 2 are no issue. The drum sequencer is where it falls apart.

With the MIDI module set to only channel 10 and the Beatstep set at channel 10, outputting to the sampler “Gate:SAM:Gate1” does trigger my kick drum.

However “CC-A:SAM:Gate1” and the rest of the CC gate choices don’t register an incoming gate signal from the Beatstep.

I have tried many settings with Arturia’s Midi Control Center software to see if I can figure out what will work but no joy.

I tried slowly sweeping thru the CC numbers with the drum sequencer running a loop of gates and not a single gate registered although I do find it curious that as I cross CC 50 the MIDI module sends a gate signal to the sampler.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.


you sure the CC outputs from the BS @ MIDI ch 10 ?

i would never have thought assigning MIDI cc to gates on the SSP

are you seeing CC-A rise when you send it the CC.
if not then, given you are getting gates from the beatstep you have an issue sending CCs

have you changed CC-A to another CC# or have you left it on the default (so CC#7)
you need to send it at least a value of 32 to trigger a gate, and then return it to zero

so we want to be seing

CC7 = 32
CC7 = 0

CC7 = 32
CC7 = 0

(its using the transition from zero to 32, to trig… so you need CC7 to be ‘resting’ at zero)

this sounds odd… are you sure you are sweeping CC numbers , and not a CC values.
as you cross CC value > 32 this will trigger the sample - as explained above.

so my suspicion is some how CC ‘numbers’ are being confused by CC values.

p.s. I did double check your scenario works, by using CCs from my Octatrack to trigger the SAM, and it worked fine :slight_smile:

Yes I made sure of that both in the Beatstep midi configuration software and in the MIDI module.
All the other channels were turned off. I do receive gates on ch 10.

I probably should have stated at the start that I know very little about MIDI.

You are probably correct here :joy:

Yes it sends out a gate correct. The default value is 50 on the Beatstep and I confirmed the gate is working with MIDI-OX.

Perhaps my confusion is thinking that a chosen note could be assigned to trigger a sample.

The Beatstep sets the pads 1 --> 16 as notes 36 --> 51

For example:

Beatstep pad1: ch10 note 36
P screen of MIDI: CC-A 36
N screen of MIDI: CC-A:SAM:Gate1
and on to the sampler, trigger a kick sample

Beatstep pad2: ch10 note 37
P screen of MIDI: CC-B 37
N screen of MIDI: CC-B:SAM:Gate2
and on to the sampler, trigger a cymbal sample

Just to clarify…
When I am on the “P screen” in the MIDI module, and I am turning the first dial for CC-A, the number I am changing is the note?

Thank you for the help Gentleman.
And thank you for your patience.

No :slight_smile:

CC-A = which CC number to assigned to CC-A output
by default it is CC#7 but you can change it to anything.

this has nothing to do with notes :slight_smile:

note are output as v/oct on the PITCH output.
the MIDI module itself has no way of sub-dividing the keyboard,
e.g. to create different gates for different note numbers

however my SWAT module does …

ok, this is not the simplest to use as its my general purpose , all in one module.

what you need to do is set SWAT to use the ‘Note Comparitor’ algo
then X should be given the pitch from MIDI
and Y the gate
then with the encoders you can set the low/high note, in your case its a single midi note
then the output A is a gate ONLY when X lies between high and low.

SWAT is a ‘quad’ module. so you can do this for 4 notes,
and of course, you can have as many swat as you want :wink:

going back to you original point though, this has nothing to do with CC values

I dont have a beat step pro, but if you are just trying to assign pads to trigger then this page of the BSP manual is the relevant one

so what you should be doing is
A) set play mode to GATE (not toggle)
B) set CC number as desired (e.g. 1)
C) set off value to zero , on value to 127

on SSP
D) set CC-A according to (B) (e.g. 1)

now when you press the pad CC-A will set a gate,
check this by looking at the output on the scope of CC-A.

if its not working, you have something wrong :wink:

you can now assign different pads different CC numbers (B) e.g. 2-8 and then set CC-B to CC-H to the same so 2-8

I tried your suggestion about setting MIDI CC numbers to pads again and still no love.

I’m sure I am doing something wrong lol


Your SWAT module did the trick! :tada:

For anyone that is curious, this is how I did it:

Using Arturia’s MIDI Control Center software, under the Device settings tab, I set a Custom Drum map.
Pad1 --> 21
Pad2 --> 31

I checked which note was being sent from the pad with MIDI-OX and with Arturia’s MIDI Console to find a starting point to dial in SWAT.

Interesting results…
MIDI-OX shows A0 for pad 1, Arturia says A-1.
The final Low and High value was F#1

I routed the MIDI module to the SWAT module:
For pad1 --> Pitch:SWAT:X 1, Gate:SWAT:Y 1
For pad2 --> Pitch:SWAT:X 2, Gate:SWAT:Y 2

I received at the SWAT module:
For pad1 --> SWAT:X 1, SWAT:Y 1
For pad2 --> SWAT:X 2, SWAT:Y 2

I routed the SWAT to the sampler:
For pad1 --> A 1:SAM:Gate1
For pad2 --> A 2:SAM:Gate 2

In the SWAT module, Note comparator mode:

For pad1 -->
Instance : 0
Both Low and High value: F#1

For pad2 -->
Instance : 1
Both Low and High value: E2

I hope that makes sense for anyone following this.

ok, A0 vs A-1 , this is pretty common in midi - the octave number is not ‘standard’

Im a bit surprised abotu high/low values , and why that is out…
are you using the latest version of SWAT?

you use the Display algo in SWAT, is that showing the correct note name?

I’m using version 1.0.1

I saw that gate = (X > L & X < H ) so I assumed it was a range of Low to High.
I started with Low at A0 and increased the High value until I could hear the kick.
By accident I raised the Low value and I could still hear the kick drum.
That is when I found both Low and High could be the same.

When I was checking how high the note range was I think I scrolled beyond the end of the piano because the SSP shut down and started up again. :flushed:

Yup, that version has got a bug in it.
That’s why I release new versions :wink:

Upgrade and let me know if it’s better.

Yes I’ll bring home my Linux laptop from work tomorrow and install the upgrades.

I’m looking forward to trying this out combined with PMIX.

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