Batch download of SSP factory plugins?

Hi all,

Just flashed the new update image to my SD card, and lost all my plugins.

Didn’t back up the plugins on accident-- just the presets and samples.

Is there a link where I can download all of them in one go, not including thetechnobear’s plugins (have em already downloaded)

edit: or maybe someone can just upload to dropbox the factory plugins or their plugins folder. that would be sick thanks.

aren’t the factory modules included in the the image ?

That’s what I thought but didn’t see em

The factory modules are actually built in to the SYNTHOR binary ( app) , they are not ( and cannot be) separate binaries.

so it’d be very weird for them not to show up ?!

I can try to re install / re flash the image to the SD. They weren’t showing up in the plug-ins folder on the SD card that’s why I assume they aren’t there

Edit: my bad they are all there.

I thought because they weren’t in the plug-in folder then they didn’t install.


Yeah, plug-ins folder is just for ‘external’ modules