Auto naming

Description of feature (short and simple):

randomly generate new names for patches and recordings

How will this feature improve the workflow or experience for all SSP users (keep it short and focused):

things like new 12, recording 25 - force us to rename recordings and presets, because you cannot remember them. but renaming without a keyboard is a little tedious :slight_smile:

the SSP could generate a random name for these things from small dictionary (*)- perhaps grabbing (eg.) 3 random words. ,of course it will be complete gibberish (**)
and we likely will want to rename - but I think it’ll work whilst your ‘in the flow’, and will be somewhat memorable.

anyway, a bit of light hearted fun…

(*) there may already be a dictionary file on the ssp
(**) it could be using a combination of a verb/noun/adjective might work nicely


The Er-301 Has an auto-naming feature I’ve found very useful, and often quite funny. +1 for this feature.

cool, I think first time I saw it (on a video) was perhaps the Polyend Tracker.
as you say they can come up with amusing names… and are always a little more memorable than new23 :slight_smile:

What would be really helpful in addition to the auto-naming, and IMHO with higher priority is to be able to pick a slot number before anything gets saved with the WriteNew command. Currently the only way to organise and manage patches is by powering off the SSP, plugging the SD card in the computer and remembering the patch numbers, as that’s the only visible thing in the patch files.


yeah, Id prefer just to get rid of slot numbers…

I do understand the idea for sorting, but that implies some re-ordering functions.
also I don’t like the disconnect between filename on filesystem and the name we think of in the UI.

I’d prefer to just use long file names, and then use a prefix to ‘force’ ordering


Choosing which preset to save to (however that is determined) also enables copying presets, or forking your work :+1:t2:

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