Audio over USB on Windows: Troubleshooting, but no end in sight

Hello dear SSP community,

I’ve spent a lot of time with the SSP, creating instruments and patches that can be controlled by
CV over USB.

You can use VCV Rack, FL Studio’s CV controller, Ableton’s CV tools or my personal favourite, Bitwig’s “The Grid” to stream CV, Gates and Triggers to your SSP and control your patches. It’s crazy to have that amount of control over your CV, and to be able to save sets of CV modulation as quick as on a computer.

It’s an extremely versatile and inspiring sort of workflow; You can switch through SSP presets and your set of CV modulation will affect it in unwanted ways; or you can switch through your CV modulation presets on your PC, sending entirely new data to your SSP with one click of your mouse.

As wonderful as this setup is, and in my opinion, groundbreaking; as frustrating it is when reality kicks in.

I cannot get clean audio over USB streaming on the SSP at all. There is always clicks/pops/glitches. I do need to run more tests, using older SSP firmware; but I’m pretty sure this has to do with Windows and drivers.

I have tried DAW Reaper, FL Studio, Ableton and Bitwig. I have tried drivers WASAPI, Asio4All, FlexAsio, Asio2WASAPI, AsioLink, Jack Audio…

The way I test for pops and clicks: I use Reaper, and choose WASAPI audio driver. Or use Bitwig and choose Asio4All/FlexAsio.

I send a sinewave to the masterchannel of my DAW. Per default, master channel of any DAW is going to the Inputs of the SSP channel 1-2 if SSP is selected as Input device.

Then on the SSP, you route inputs 1-2 to your preferred output; in my case I use SSP Out 7-8. These two channels then go into a simple monitor knob which goes to my speakers, no software needed.

I get 20-30 seconds of click free audio streaming at max, even with WASAPI on 2048 buffersize. This is quite concerning, and I have lived with that pop for a while now, like, a year. There is always a loud pop coming around the corner.

If you don’t send an ongoing sinewave, but only bursts of sinewaves, the audio clicks are less frequent. Still, one click per minute is in my opinion too much.

I cannot imagine how complicated the world of audio is, and thus I might not know enough - but for an enduser, the SSP and Windows are a problem, they won’t get along.

So, my question to you, the Windows users that own an SSP: Can you confirm my problem?
Have you managed to use any DAW with any driver out there to get clean audio over USB streaming?

Or you, dear Mac users, did you have a flawless experience using the Coreaudio driver?

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Reporting back in:

On Mac, working with Core audio driver, I have seamless audio streaming over USB.
I’m using Bitwig.
Exactly the same setup as in my windows project, just sending one constant sine wave out to the SSP.

So, the problem is definitely on Windows’ and SSP’s end. But what other choice than WASAPI do we have?? And WASAPI in Reaper does NOT work. At least for me, after countless trial and error using every single driver out there…

Also, I tried to use WASAPI with other USB 2.0 audiointerfaces, like the Elektron Analog Heat. Works perfectly fine, no pops whatsoever.

Hate to say it but unless there is a ASIO driver written for the SSP you will not be happy with Audio performance on windows. Asio4all etc is not a option for me. My main system is a windows pc running Nuendo 11.I am using a Behringer wing as a interface now with ASIO waiting for the Dante card for it so I can use Dante again. It is always something.:+1:t2: I am getting a Mac mini m1
For the SSP because I am not sure if a ASIO driver is in the pipeline. It works great with my iPad Pro but that is not what you are asking about just wanted to add it.

No no, that’s already somewhat an answer :slight_smile:

I would love to be wrong on this, but the fact that my 8 year old macbook pro just runs the SSP flawlessly proved it all to me…

I also think that a dedicated Asio driver is the only solution for windows users that want to use the SSP as an audio interface. It would be a life saver. I don’t think Percussa plans on making a dedicated ASIO driver, but they should reconsider it, looking at the situation. You cant market something as an audio interface, if users on one platform can’t make use of it. As I said, none of commercially available drivers work, in no DAW, without pops. I tried it on two PC’s, what else can I do, I’m done.

If they want to market the SSP as an audio interface that works on ALL platforms, an ASIO driver is a must. I bought the SSP specifically for this purpose.

A dedicated ASIO driver would truly cement the SSP’s legacy as a production work horse. It’s that powerful.

AND: I know that the USB audio feature was an update; it wasn’t planned all along, it wasn’t one of the initial features of the SSP kickstarter. I understand that, and thus, Percussa has zero obligation to create an ASIO driver. But then they should warn about these issues on their website.

Asio4all and wasapi are terrible to work with multichannel interfaces, it’s just a no-go.


Exactly what I was saying. No ASIO driver, not good for audio work on a windows PC.
And like you said it was not in the original build. It would be awesome. But I am sure it is not asimple thing or it would have been done.

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I have no problems with Reaper using WASAPI. The particular windows 10 version you are using plays a role as well as what you have in your patch on the SSP. Did you update windows to the very latest version? Then there is also the question of the length of your USB cable (shorter is better since this is USB 2.0) and if the SSP is connected directly to your computer’s motherboard or not or via a hub. If you are not using the latest version of windows, you might have issues. Not all DAWs support WASAPI, even though WASAPI is really the way forward, and not ASIO. Microsoft has spent a lot of time and effort on that standard, so low-latency audio is built into the OS, rather than being made possible by a workaround (ASIO) driver.

Okay, that gives me hope at least.
Apologies if I sound “worked out”, I’ve been trying forever now and my problem persists.
I will try some more and report back.

I am using a laptop, and the USB cable is about 1.2 meter. I’m going straight into the USB port.
I will make a recording and upload it, so you all know what I mean by “Pop”.

Can I ask at this point, what driver do you use on Linux? I might also install linux, and give it a try.

unfortunately, I found windows a real pain with my windows laptop… id always get the odd audio glitch regardless of audio inteface i used…

in my case I came to the conclusion its some kind of laptop hardware issue, where its still power saving despite turning everything off (i tried everywhere) … i put it down to it using the U variant of the i7.
the macs don’t use the low powered intel variants, so whilst less poweful, they are more consistent in audio applications :frowning: (e.g. an i5 mac was more reliable than my i7 windows laptop)

at one point, I did actually move my windows laptop over to linux, using an audio distro, it did feel like it performed better. not 100% perfect but better than windows.
the SSP is a class compliant USB audio interface so you don’t need any special drivers it just works.
(iirc - i used jack, bitwig could do this directly, but vcvrack needed to use jackd)