Audio over USB on Windows in Bitwig DAW problem

So, I got the Percussa for a couple of days now, and after having loads of fun with it it’s time to check some functionalities.

Since Bitwig has great innovative ways to receive and send CV over DC coupled audio interfaces, I thought that the Percussa SSP is going to be the ultimate interface between Eurorack and my PC. However, things didn’t turn out to be that great:

Bitwig supports WASAPI, but only outputs and NO Inputs. This is extremely frustrating, and I guess just bad luck for me… and countless of people have complained to Bitwig about that, but they don’t do anything about it.

The next thing I tried was using FL Studio Asio driver. This is a great solution for Windows in general, but it only let’s you use the in and outputs 1&2. So Even if the Percussa SSP provides 16 inputs, I can only choose 2 inputs when using FL Studio Asio. Also, the audio crackles badly when I use this driver, so forget this one.

Asio4All is also not a good solution, I get severe audio crackles and I can’t get rid of them, no matter sample rate and buffer sizes. Did anyone have luck using this driver?

The latest attempt was to use Dante Via, a virtual interface that lets you route audio from any device to any destination device that is connected to your computer.
This driver crashes in Bitwig, but works well in Ableton.

Also, on Ableton, the MME/Directx driver works just fine. Bitwig doesn’t support that one.

So, I’m in a pretty bad spot: My dreams about using Bitwig and Percussa as a powerful duo are set on hold.

On Mac, the Coreaudio driver runs everything smoothly, in Bitwig and Ableton.

I want to know how people set up their Percussa as an USB audio interface on Windows 10 using Bitwig. If that case exists in this forum… Using Ableton Live, the MME/DirectX drivers work.

Any other users of Windows that have found solutions to set up the Percussa as an audio interface?

We’ve gone through a lot of work to make the SSP a USB 2.0 audio class compliant device, so you wouldn’t need any drivers and it would work on all platforms, even mobile devices.

ASIO was created many years ago to deal with latency problems on Windows. Since a few years Microsoft has done a lot of work to support pro audio applications and provide low latency out of the box, via WASAPI, such that ASIO would no longer be necessary, and so you wouldn’t have to install any drivers.

It’s unfortunate that some DAWs don’t support WASAPI (yet) as it is the new standard. Reaper is one example of a DAW that does support it, and I tested the SSP on both Mac and Windows with Reaper without any problems.

You might be able to get solutions like ASIO4ALL working if you experiment with buffer size and other settings.

for detailed info on the recently introduced USB multichannel audio/cv streaming features of the SSP (up to 24ch) see this update - Update 23072019 [Multichannel USB audio/cv/gate/trigger streaming update; input and output module simplifications and improvements]

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