Audio out of Ableton


Just got my percussa, loving everything about it. Although, I’m having a lot of trouble get audio from ableton, out of the physical outputs.

There is sound, but its just jumbled clipping. The inputs to ableton work great. Also the output module, from internal sounds, work great.

From the scope, it looks like the audio may be good coming intp percussa from ableton?? But gets very distorted/ not at all similar coming out. Is there something obvious I’m messing up?

first is this Mac or Windows…
if you are on windows, go checkout the other threads on the SSP and windows and how to setup ASIO.

I dont use windows much, so do not have much to say on it, other than I know some have difficulties getting it working well…

assuming that side is correct…

we need to dig a bit deeper, let me ensure Im understanding correctly
so you’re saying

something like
( [vco] -> [out] ) -> your mixer - is ok

Ableton -> ( [in] -> [out]) -> your mixer - is distorted?

I assume you are not sending your signal hotter than 0db (in green) from Ableton.
if this is the case, you really should not see clipping.

one thing I do make sure is that Ableton and the SSP are running on the same sample rate - I always run both at 48k, also for testing give a nice large buffer for Ableton. (depends on computer, but I normally use 256, or 512 if im testing)

are you using the latest firmware - this is VERY important, as the IN/OUT modules were creating DC offsets, which will mean even moderate signal from Ableton can get clipped.
so make sure you update to the latest firmware.

also try running the input via my PMIX module , my mixer by default will eliminate DC offsets.

can you try sending a sine wave from Ableton ( I guess test tone will work) and seeing what it looks like on DATA in the SSP.
from that you will see if the sine wave has been clipped on input.

if the signal looks ok in DATA (and scopes) on the SSP, then its the same as an internal signal.
(in terms of clipping)

if it doesn’t appear to be clipping, id guess there are some kind of micro glitches on the input signal.

generally, of course, you can play with the gain…

  • turn the master output down on Ableton
  • attenuate the output (either via the scale function, or output module or a vca)

see if these remove the distortion… do with quiet signals, and boost on the mixer to hear it clearly.
(gain staging properly can only be done once you know where the issue :wink: )

hope some of this is useful.
let us know how you get on.

also if one of these fixes the issue , let us know which … its useful for the community to know how other fix problems…

good luck


It was the sample rate! Thanks so much for the detailed answer

PS I have your rings and clouds running on both the ssp and my er301 now and could not be happier.


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Oi, is Mark doing stuff for the ER-301 now? Couldn’t immediately find it…


me? nope… not got an er301… still too much to explore on the SSP :slight_smile:

that said, I sometimes have a look at what’s going on on the er301 forum and source code…
for inspiration as much as anything else.
(actually this is true of many platforms, not just the er301… pretty much all music tech )