Audio mixer Page please

Mixer Page

Over Ins and used Outs would be great to have a mixer page, for an overview and have acess to the no easy to find level adjustments for ins and out and would be incredible to have sents and returns internally to what ever you want which would sidechain or duplicate the In and Out list, or use just the audio points of the modules
would be a big improvement in seeing whats going on in audio !!! ?

probably seeing you in Superbooth 19


you can already build whatever signal routing you want in the patcher grid, and the BUS module can be useful for that. You can scale ingoing and outgoing signals for every module.

can you explain in more detail what you want that is not already there, maybe using a diagram, and how this would work together with the existing patching system, and without making the entire system harder to use?

I would like to back up the request for a (simple) mixer module, where the level of each input can be patched into by any other module. It is true that the the signal routing paths can be scaled when you set up the patch, but this is a static approach. The level cannot be dynamically modulated as in a modulation target.

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Well, so far there is the showing of the waves that occur in a moduls display page, yes very useful, I think it would be more !! than practical to have in this page a hand on levels display as well as dial/cv over the displayed outs or ins and to my use less usable in other page places
and as you feature a lot the capability of recording with the SSP it seams more than practical to see in a level showing mixer page what actually will be recorded. think about it, it’s meant to ease processes and not to complicate :wink:

Thank you ! to support this idea and let’s keep on getting bert on to this
I hope more formerly in the forum active people will place their estimated opinions to this too , please

yes, it is true that i also long for a dial/hands-on approach to changin levels when performing/patching

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there is a quad-VCA (VST) module which allows you to multiply pairs of signals. So if you want to modulate the level of a signal, you feed the signal into the first input and the level into the second input.

this module does not have parameters to scale the signals using the encoders. If that is something you want then this could be added to that module … if the module has to work conceptually different then it might make sense to make another one, but I think @SSPix might have a different concept in mind for a mixer module?

adding a level parameter for the output of a module in every module would be a bad idea, it would just clutter up all the modules. a seperate mixer module might make more sense here, but from your explanation it seems you are looking for something different.

on the recorder page you use the up/down arrows to step through the input or output channels and you use the SwRec button to switch from input to output recorder and back. so you can see what you are going to record, but it’s true there is no true “level” display, like vertical bars on a mixer, if that is what you had in mind. doing that would mean the entire UI of the recorder would have to change, so the waveform display of what you are actually recording or have recorded, or the file you have loaded, would have to move somewhere else.

Is it possible to use the record page as a mixer page? We already have the graphic display of activity on the channels when in recorder view but we can’t change the volume of any of the channels (unless I’m not aware of this feature). I don’t know how much trouble it would be to program but if we build a patch then go to the recorder page it would be nice to change the individual channel volume from the recorder page. It would essentially be a mixer view and could avoid having to go back to the patcher view then go to the module and adjust the levels. It would be faster and more efficient in my opinion.

there has been a request in the forum for a mixer module specifically, so maybe that is something I will end up doing.

The VCA module, which can take care of normal VCA duties and can be a building block for mixers, was requested by people in the forum partly to deal with building mixing flows.

There is also the macro module and macro page at the global level. With macros you can control multiple things in the patcher grid from one location (the global page), so if you build VCAs/mixer modules into your patch you can control them from there. Or you can use the MIDI module with a MIDI controller to control stuff in the patch.

The SSP has 16 inputs so you could also use a CV fader bank as a mixer, together with the VCA(s) you put in the SSP’s patcher grid.