Are Core OS + User Experience ‘feature complete’?

Enjoying time with the SSP, but admittedly, several UX and workflow items are leading me to ask, ‘what is on the horizon for the SSP core experience?’

@technobear has been serving as primary VST dev and SSP evangelist and his efforts should be applauded. He has almost singlehandedly taken the improvement of SSP onto his shoulders and run with it.

While Im certain we all very much appreciate the great VST dev efforts we’ve seen, improvements to the SSP core/UX paradigm also would be of high value to many of us.

Reducing repetitive stress scenarios by evolving the patching paradigm is an area many of us could immediately benefit from. I for one would enjoy using an external editor to develop complex patches in addition to the existing SSP interface. I would be more than happy to contribute to a supplemental Kickstarter to get that done.

So what is the general consensus from the core dev team— is SSP ‘feature complete’ from the OS and UX perspectives or is there further evolution on the horizon?


I would support the possibility of an external editor and would also be interested in contributing to that. It would bring an additional very useful string to the Percussa SSP’s bow, and I suspect would be influential regarding future sales.

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good question, want to know too


My hope is the browser for choosing processors is refined to some sort of list system. Steel feels a tad clunky as it is.


These are really good points. I love that @thetechnobear has taken the lead on so much development of the vst system.
I’m still holding out hope that the patching system can be streamlined I feel like I’m always doing everything twice and troubleshooting missed connections. Also that there could be some room for quality of life improvements. things like global preferences, dialing in course/fine values and better use of screen real estate. All of that seems like it would mean changes to main system which I’m thinking is unlikely now.


I agree with the general idea of this thread. SSP is such a powerful module that would greatly benefit from general user interface and workflow improvements. I often find myself scratching my head as to why a patch is not working and usually it is because I didn’t patch it twice… things like that. Also i would really appreciate a simpler navigation of basic operations like Saving, Saving As, Renaming, Repositioning, Folders etc. for presets.

Now… I know it is a lot of effort to do develop such things, therefore I understand if some of those major updates are made available for a fee, if that’s what is needed for further development (by Percussa or third party, why not?).


no reply yet from the core dev team ?

is there’s something in the pipeline?

or is this finished as is?

or will they make their code available for further development?


Some things are in the works but it is premature to discuss at the moment.


That would be great to see. Technobear’s VST work has been the main action with the SSP as far as I’ve seen for some time.


Like most people probably reading this I very exitedly spent around £2000 buying the Percussa SSP module in the hope I could use it for a virtual plethora of purposes but six months after buying it i only ever use it for (one specific type of) reverb. I’ve held back from commenting for months in the misguided hope the extremely flawed and user-unfriendly system would have been constantly iterated upon, like the ER301, which is literally my only other sound generating module (apart from a bitbox) and thus my only equivelant comparison and was supposed to, along the the SSP, provide me with enough options to not have to buy a bunch of modules. Essentially i spent big on the SSP and 301 in order to not have to continually spend on other modules and i feel have massively wasted my money on the SSP. Not only hasnt the firmware been updated since last november, the devs literally ignore the forum, which makes the ‘new features request’ section feel like a tacked on joke by this point, and have only, as fart as i have seen, engaged to say that they wont say anything (even IF the firmware will even be updated!!), which is frankly nowhere near good enough. if this was a computer game it would feel like an (abandoned?) early alpha. And now i’m hearing theyre moving on to their next project, leaving one of the most expensive modules in eurortack essentially barely usable and left to be fixed by the community, which is practicly non-existant given the complete lack of feedback from the devs. If it wasnt for the wonderful technobear i 100% would have sold this already. it is beginning to feel like the depressingly standard kickstarter “well we did what we said we would do now go away” partial cash grabbing excercise and not the time honoured labour of love the very best of these things, such as the ER-301, literally always are. Would love to be proved wrong but if i’m honest time is running out pretty quick. In real terms for this money i could have got so many crucial things for my studio but instead i’ve got literally half a row of my two row case being taken up with something that makes me literally angry to look at, which is not ideal.


This post resonates with my experience. More recently I bought an ER-301 and it’s light years ahead of the Percussa in terms of ease of use, navigation and updates. The Percussa operating system is really frustrating, I can’t even store patches and quickly organize them the way I want. Additionally, having to repeat connections every time just adds to waste of time and frustration. Just like inside_left my Percussa sits untouched in my rack reminding me of how not to spend 2,000 grand. Obviously, I have to recognise the tremendous work Technobear has done, which is really my only hope of something improving.

Now… Although I think a module at this (rather unique) price range should be sold as something finished already, I also understand that constant development takes time and effort (= money) and exactly because of the module’s price range it probably does not sell enough, which probably does not translate into enough cash flow to fund development going forward. That being the case (and it’s understandable that things get out hand sometimes), I would support an overhaul on the Percussa OS for a fee. Or a subscription, whatever… I still believe the Percussa is powerful module and would greatly benefit from a more thoroughly and professionally designed OS. Perhaps they could commission Technobear to do that.

Just my thoughts…


absolutely agree, my immediate reaction to technobears recent(ish) youtube video on the SSP was “god i hope they give it to him to finish”! And i really hope they do. My experience re: making a new patch feels similar to yours. like im making a tune and i think, “this could do with that lovely wavetable voice” or whatever then i look at the SSP, think about simply routing the thing then immediately dismiss it and use something else. i now have the reverb patched permanently and saved 1st so at least im using it for something regulary. And its a great searing reverb for when i want that but its not 2 grands worth of reverb. Feel a bit bad for naming the post as i did but really im so so frustrated/disappointed by this point i felt i had to.


Your feelings are understandable. The SSP is not for everyone, and there is a steep learning curve. I felt a similar frustration with it initially, although I made sure I knew how to do some things with it before I purchased. I was lucky to have some hands-on instruction thanks to Analogue Haven and in person demos by Bert. It has been, for me, a lot like when I first got my Pacarana (Kyma). Neither is very user friendly, but there are some unique things that these devices do that I want. The SSP is way too deep for me to get into everything it is capable of, however it isn’t a one trick pony either. I agree that Technobear’s development was a game changer, and added a whole host of new uses. So I’m happy to have: a top notch eurorack to USB audio interface; multitrack eurorack CV/audio recorder & player; inspiring audio sampler with lots of glitch potential; a good granular sampler; plenty of Rings, Plaits, and Clouds on hand; and a great wavetable osc. Like everything Eurorack, it is not a replacement for a rack of modules, it compliments and acts as a hub for the rest of your system. The more modules you own, the more functionality it brings.

Do not feel bad if you end up selling this thing. But for some of us, this is far from a “complete waste of money.”

Cheers, &e


i must adhere to @inside_left and others who have voiced frustrations with the UI of the SSP
far from logical and totally opposite any other synth, module, sampler (& soft) i own or worked with
-would earn it’s place if this birthed something unique but it just doesn’t
don’t forget this is marketed as a devil-do-all to replace a plethora of modules

what’s more, any users voicing this and/or suggesting improvements are totally ignored, and sometimes even ridiculed
OS support has been absent in 2021 , with only 2 updates in 2020 and 3 fixes in 2020 (some to patch errors that were self-introduced)
no feature or update plans were discussed in 2021 apart from few thin promises
even the original KickStarter goals were not met (LOOPER anybody?)

so this leaves us with an expensive (quality, hardware wise!) module in our rack that we cannot sell since it is obsolete bloatware

(may it is best to discuss individual modules and their advantages/use/shortcomings in separate threads?)


Looks like the developers lost completely any interest in trying to rescue this Titanic
I thought long ago, I was one of the only critizising guys
but a year and more ago I have used this tool after mostly got answers like - I was wrong and the creator did what he could
Noooo he just gave up, since he wasnt anymore selling any amount of devices anymore

still waiting for a substancial LOOPER without bailing out into an ad-On to the Sampler

so sad


Seems like I’m one of the more lucky people in here.
The SSP does what I bought it for, and it is substantial in my setup. But we’re all different; I already own a lot of gear and modular eurorack devices, so I didn’t expect the SSP to be a “end all, be all” device.

I expected the SSP to be a interface between the DAW Bitwig and my modular rack. I got lost very quickly in the vast possibilities this device offers in combination with a CV control monster that is Bitwig. It’s absolutely next level, no doubt about it, and I can’t see another device on the market even come close to this combo.

But I can understand that if you wanted the SSP to become your sound generator and sound processor “all in one” solution, you might become bored and frustrated. I almost never control the SSP with the SSP functions (step sequencer, LFO etc); I pretty much only use external CV and gate triggers from Bitwig to control my SSP instruments. That way you dont have to handle the menu diving and the encoders. You can just prepare the instrument in Bitwig and on the SSP, and you’re finished. Variations of the device can be saved quickly, and you can also save different CV controls on Bitwig in a heartbeat.

So yeah. I guess there’s loads of room to improve on the SSP; I agree that it would be very sad if the dev’s just leave it be at this point.
Not everybody has got the setup that I’m using. I wouldn’t even think about using the SSP all on its own, like doing everything “inside the box”. That’d be a deal breaker for me aswell.

I just wanna give a quick example as to why.
Imagine this connection; A sampler is routed into rings, and then routed into clouds. This can accumulate in about 20 CV destinations that control the modules. These 20 CV destinations couldn’t even be controlled by just the 16 external inputs. You need CV over USB to control more than 16 destinations.

Then, what if you would use LFO’s, slow pitched WTO or Step sequencers to control the 20 destinations? Possible, but limited; The LFO shapes aren’t that diverse- you could FM the lfos for more variations. Ok. But in the end, you have to menu dive on the SSP, and when you have a new setting that you like, you need to save a new preset. You can also use the macros; but you only have 4 macros to control important CV values of your modules. And the encoders, quite frankly, are not optimal to jam this device live.

Now, I wouldn’t want to work like that. It can yield interesting results, because the SSP’s audio engine has some interesting character; the precision of the step sequencer is pretty good and unique.

But now picture this: You create this connection of sampler into rings into clouds; you select an Input module and control your CV destinations now from Bitwig. You can do everything from that point on.
You could map every CV destination on your midi controller knobs. So instead of menu diving on the SSP, you have a CV grid open in your DAW, and assign those destinations to your MIDI controller.
Its 100x more fun, I promise.
Also, you can simply use Bitwigs’ fantastic CV capabilities to send sequencers, LFO’s and every kind of complex signal you can imagine to your CV destinations. Re-routing your CV destinations can also be done in Bitwig, you dont even need to look at the SSP anymore.

Dont know if I can explain it well. But the SSP in combination with CV Grid from Bitwig enables a much more fun and lighting fast workflow to go crazy with.

Anyway, this is how I use it, but this only works on Mac in my experience.


wow, I really can’t even begin to think where to start on this topic…

unfortunately, I have to be honest my overriding feeling was one of …
ouch, I can understand how and why some are frustrated,
but can you imagine Percussa reading this? how de-motivating do you think this would be?
frankly even I find it de-motivating.

I use the SSP, pretty much everyday, and I guess Id consider myself somewhat of a ‘power user’ as I use pretty much all the modules - so, I fully appreciate there are limitations.

  • sure, the looper is ‘missing’ but there are plenty of other modules … the VST module alone, has meant you have 12 (?) modules that were not promised for Kickstarter and more to come. Similarly the USB Audio capabilities are much better than were promised.
  • the UI is not as sleek as it might be, could have some usability tweaks (filter IO please!) - but it functions, I use it all the time, and enjoy it … and the scope/ scale&offset functions are SO useful.
  • modules have limitations (mine too) , but there are a good variety , which with tweaking have some nice sweet spots… Im also not too concerned about this as VSTs can fill these gaps.
  • midi I find a bit unreliable , it works… but I have the odd issue, but you have a lot of cv io! I find midi fine for automation (hence my recent vst updates)

but all said n’ done… I use regularly, even if there are quirks, I just workaround, or do something different - just like I do with many other modules.

updates - we have seen some very useful updates last year.
the sorting out of physical CV scaling/offset has made thing SO much better for me.
similarly the VST changes opened up new possibilities for my developments.

given these changes happened, I see no evidence that support has stopped.
my own experience is development can happen in fits n’ starts… some changes take longer and have unintended consequences… that’s just a dev’s life.

@BENDY and @Evoken posts pretty much match my experience.
as I tried to show in my recent video, I use my SSP as part of a system.
so its substantial physical IO and USB audio IO is something I cannot do without now.

I use it both as a sound source (usually driven USTA so that I have hands-on control) and for sound processing (granular, reverb, delays mainly) … I also love that fact we have internal modulation, so we leaving us more IO for other things like audio in, cv/gates
(see my video for more details)

so for me, it very much warrants its price and hp…
I think this topic just demonstrates for many of us the SSP is invaluable.
but for others, its not meeting their use-case/expectations, and perhaps its time to move on… after all, only keep things that make you happy.
its just life that some products fit some peoples needs more than others.

anyway, apart from this topic,
I actually feel pretty confident about the future and Ive got some interesting plans for the future.


Happy costumer here… central part of my system… it’s not perfect, but hey what is…


SSP is not perfect and to be honest, I’d like to see the developers put a little more effort into fixing bugs.
But even so, I don’t think I’ll let SSP go for the moment because there is no other flexible sampler module that can do what SSP does.
I had not started eurorack if there is no SSP.


Maybe what everyone needs is some clarity on the situation from Bert… can we expect further development or is it as it is!