Are Core OS + User Experience ‘feature complete’?

Enjoying time with the SSP, but admittedly, several UX and workflow items are leading me to ask, ‘what is on the horizon for the SSP core experience?’

@technobear has been serving as primary VST dev and SSP evangelist and his efforts should be applauded. He has almost singlehandedly taken the improvement of SSP onto his shoulders and run with it.

While Im certain we all very much appreciate the great VST dev efforts we’ve seen, improvements to the SSP core/UX paradigm also would be of high value to many of us.

Reducing repetitive stress scenarios by evolving the patching paradigm is an area many of us could immediately benefit from. I for one would enjoy using an external editor to develop complex patches in addition to the existing SSP interface. I would be more than happy to contribute to a supplemental Kickstarter to get that done.

So what is the general consensus from the core dev team— is SSP ‘feature complete’ from the OS and UX perspectives or is there further evolution on the horizon?


I would support the possibility of an external editor and would also be interested in contributing to that. It would bring an additional very useful string to the Percussa SSP’s bow, and I suspect would be influential regarding future sales.

good question, want to know too


My hope is the browser for choosing processors is refined to some sort of list system. Steel feels a tad clunky as it is.


These are really good points. I love that @thetechnobear has taken the lead on so much development of the vst system.
I’m still holding out hope that the patching system can be streamlined I feel like I’m always doing everything twice and troubleshooting missed connections. Also that there could be some room for quality of life improvements. things like global preferences, dialing in course/fine values and better use of screen real estate. All of that seems like it would mean changes to main system which I’m thinking is unlikely now.


I agree with the general idea of this thread. SSP is such a powerful module that would greatly benefit from general user interface and workflow improvements. I often find myself scratching my head as to why a patch is not working and usually it is because I didn’t patch it twice… things like that. Also i would really appreciate a simpler navigation of basic operations like Saving, Saving As, Renaming, Repositioning, Folders etc. for presets.

Now… I know it is a lot of effort to do develop such things, therefore I understand if some of those major updates are made available for a fee, if that’s what is needed for further development (by Percussa or third party, why not?).