Anyone have success using a Row Power for the SSP?

Title says it all. Still running into so some RFI from the SSP on my big system - no idea why at this point and I dont have time to reshuffle 4000hp to trace it.

I’ll put it in a tabletop unit with ideally a Row power and a balanced stereo in/out module, It’ll be more fun near my outboard anyway with the granular stuffs.

So yeah - anyone using the SSP with a Row Power? It satisfies the current required on both rails so it’s more a question of noise etc…


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sorry cant really help - but, id be interested to hear how you get on with the 4ms row power, as Ive got a new (portable) case coming, and need power for it… and had consided this !

Currently, I have the SSP in a 4ms 64x pod , with the supplied 4ms power / psu. I’ve not noticed any noise.
note: I dont bother with an output module - I go straight into a mixer, or my octatrack.

I do love having the SSP in a small desktop unit, its great to be able to bring it close to me when Im working on patches - sometimes take it away from the rest of my setup to do something on its own or with my computer.

only drawback was I needed some longer patch cables … though if you have 4000hp, I guess you have a ton of these :wink:

anyway, Id like to hear how it goes - esp, if you set it up with a few other modules - as Ive been considering this with my new portable case. (rather than having the SSP entirely on its own)

I’ll probably buy a 4ms row power 45 (?) when the case arrives as I need power anyway, if it doesnt work, no big issue, I’ll continue with the SSP in the pod 64x as im happy with that anyway.

I have used before with the Row40 and 90W powerbrick, just be mindful what other modules you hook up, Roland case and power excellent and I also built Bert’s bus and meanwell ,copying his wiring and this is reliable, use good quality wire for roughly same cost and tried, tested and recommended. .

It would literally be the SSP and a vermona dual input/output module.

I run an SSP and 301 together off a Row Power 40. This is to take the heavy lifting off my 7Ux104hp Elite case’s built-in supply (so that I don’t have to worry about whatever else I might pop in there with them.)

No issues. The case is wood, not metal.

Wood rails or metal? I just 3d printed myself some more rack space and am trying to decide what I want to move over to the new case out of my 7U, but heat issues have me a little concerned.

The rails are metal. I mentioned the wood case since the wood is really neither adding to or mitigating potential grounding or shielding effects. In fact the case used to hold a B&G system, but it’s not one of their newer metal cases, it’s an older Elite case (which I prefer.)

The point is that I’ve had no power issues, but YMMV in another case. :slight_smile:

Gotcha :slight_smile: thanks for the reply. My concern has been mostly about heat, but I have a3d printed fan mount which fits into the 4hp aux slots on the side of my case with a quiet fan installed which seem to do a good job of keeping things running cool.

Neil, I know you are using Libbs, but are you having the issue now with them in the loop as well?

I have had mine on row power before as well, but have it in a 4ms 60hp case now. Have not had any issues with it.

yeah LIBBs. Super weird right? I’m going to move it to a little portable anyway so I suppose this problem will be solved with that.

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Row Power 45 works fine for me. I am using the SSP on a 208 HP system, but to make sure I would have no problems I am pairing it with an 2hp Power, sharing the juice from a 90W brick through a barrel cable. Most of the modules are connected to the power, only the SSP and a couple other on the 4ms Row Power. No issues on this setup.

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