Anymore Update s to expect?

Hi all has gone pretty quiet here, and not much going on
I still hope for future updates with optimations of several formerly disscussed ideas, where will we go here
Looper?? Long time ago was discussed upon
Would be very nice if everything would kind of go on

For me sad is I hardly use my SSP I usually fail to understand some meanings of ins and outs of the modules

Many presets I don’t really know how to use right
Etc well for me the learning curve is really steep so I actually never got beyond trying sth
Maybe I have to go intensly into studing for at least a week to grasp the main principals and functionality of connection tha modules
Still hope


I’ve had my SSP for a week or 2 now and share your confusion the learning curve is really steep for me too, I find it extremely hard to understand certain ways some of the modules work or connect and where I’d normally consult a manual to look up something I don’t understand I’m left with either searching through YouTube videos or scouring a barely used forum, both very time consuming and not very productive for me personally for learning.
What I’ve realised over the last few days is I just need to sit down with the SSP and work through it, this thing is really quite something with lots of modules, lots of ins/outs and a bit of unconventional workflow, so there is really lots to soak up and learn with this module for me.
Since I’ve had the SSP I’ve started every patch idea I’ve made from scratch as I find this helps me with learning connections through repeatedly doing something I think I’m getting the hang of the connections now, maybe this will help you out? This is without a doubt the most expensive module I’ve ever bought and with that I’ve committed myself to learning how it works I can see great potential in it and have already had some great sounding simple patches going on.

In respect to updates I’d like to know if there’s are any plans in the pipeline as it does seem very quiet here. In my limited time of using the SSP I’m overall very happy with it In fact I love it and would be happy as it is feature/module wise if maybe the sample waveforms were tweaked a bit and the encoders updated as some parameters take bloody ages to dial in a value as they are now.

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Please see this recent post. Thanks!


That’s right. I also spent a lot of time trying to understand SSP at first. (Of course, I’m still working hard to understand SSP.)

I don’t know if it will help you, but I got some help after watching a total of 5 SSP series from MATTHS.

(I don’t know if you’ve already seen this video.)


Thank you very much I ll motivated again :slightly_smiling_face::wink: and as another Repliken mentioned it shure will help to go again more often thru the instructional YouTube Video s

I want to use it mainly fore getting multipel CV s from Seq and lfo
Anybody managed to make a sample&hold preset would like to use s&h multipled …

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Yes I’ve spent a fair amount of time reading in this forum and watching those videos (I have seen all 5, at least 3 times so far) and every other related video on YouTube including @bert videos, and your good self, all very good but unfortunately not my preferred way of learning, when I stumble over something I don’t understand I’d much prefer to look that up in a manual and read how it functions/works than scrolling through an hour plus video to find the relevant info. That’s just my preference and I’d imagine I’m in the minority and most people would prefer video tutorials over a manual :yum:
@SSPix I think with a module this complex you just need to keep chipping away at it bit by bit, it’s all part of the learning curve and I’m learning a lot.
I can get some basic connections going now and can process audio from both usb and external inputs internally. I might challenge myself to the bus module and maybe some cv from Reaktor blocks later today.
Thanks @Kent looks promising, I’m not sure that addresses my specific questions but I understand and appreciate all the work that has obviously gone into the module, forum and community :hugs:


Yes, I agree with you. I also think having a detailed manual for SSP would be very helpful.:cat:


In every audio company for which I’ve worked, Manual Writing has been a full time job. It is incredibly time-consuming. I have no official word on this but I doubt a quality one, one that is useful, is in the cards for development.
Maybe a cut-sheet as to how the I/O works, etc. This could be generated by the user-base but I suspect that nobody is going to freely offer to do it.

Not being cynical. Proper manual writing is a larger chore than most consumers suspect.


Hi @kent, thanks for the input.
I understand that writing a manual is very time consuming and with something like the SSP it would need constant updating for every firmware update that @bert and @celine have made so it’s not surprising they’ve chosen to spend their time focusing on everything else they’ve been busy doing.
From a consumers perspective though, when I bought mine I didn’t realise in my excitement that there was no manual (this is the first bit of studio gear I’ve ever bought that didn’t at least come with a digital manual). The SSP wasn’t even on my Radar when I was looking at buying a module with sampling capabilities, I was looking for something that would give me a similar workflow to the Audiomulch software but in Eurorack, the SSP seems absolutely ideal. I guess what I’m trying to say is I paid £2000 for it from a shop, (not a Kickstarter) and kinda assumed it would have a manual.
I agree a cutsheet explaining In/outs and maybe some of the other features/modules (bus) all in one place would be very useful. I don’t think anyone buying this sort of thing would need to be told how the parameters on a filter or reverb works for example but maybe some of the more technical/unique features of the SSP.
My original post in this thread was more to do with things I’ve seen here in the forums being discussed and being curious as to wether they may be addressed in the future. Mainly the encoders getting better control so you can navigate larger values quicker, but still tune in on the fine numbers (Especially with large samples) and the waveform display.


It really depends on how the SSP will integrate in your workflow, and also where you are at in general, regarding music production / sound design.

Do you want to create sound with it? Do you want to process sound with it? Do you want to control you eurorack with it? Do you want to use it as an interface between eurorack and DAW?

There are many cases where the SSP will find its use for you :slight_smile:

I bought the SSP 9 months ago, and I use it almost everytime I make music. I still didn’t even touch some of the possibilities, because the way I use it currently occupies my mind enough for now.

What I do with it: Use the SSP to receive CV signals and audio from my DAW Bitwig, and control samplers, granular samplers, oscillators and eurorack modules with the signals from Bitwig. It’s an absolute dream of a workflow for me, so already in its current shape the SSP has blown my mind.

Just to make a quick comparison between SSP and other modules:

Take the ES-9, a 600 dollar module, that allows you to send and receive CV and audio from your DAW similar to SSP. Then, you take a step sequencer, a sampler and a reverb module, and you’re already up to 2000 dollars. So just a fraction of what the SSP can do, you would need more space in your eurorack and pay more money.

I don’t say I don’t want more features for the SSP, I have tons of wishes for the SSP. But for what it’s capable of right now, there is no module that comes even close in my opinion.

I’d recommend either using Ableton Live’s CV Tools, VCV Rack VST or Bitwig’s Grid to integrate the SSP with your DAW.

For example, you can create an infinite amount of CV signals, Gate triggers and modulations in Bitwig, and save them. These signals then go out to the SSP, where they play samplers and also go out to other modules. This allows me to constantly keep jamming and saving all the good grooves.

Save different template presets. I have saved templates where each input is routed to various effect chains, so whenever I start my DAW and the SSP, I know already where I can send audio to and how the routing looks like.

So yeah - it took me a while to get into the SSP, but now it’s pretty much at the center of what I’m doing.


And you know, a lot of tiny details that are quite important will only come to your attention after some time. There is no manual yet that tells it all, unfortunately.
For example, how exactly the Envelope module works and how to use it to work with the VCA, and trigger it with a Sequencer, I could not find a way at the beginning.

Or when you use the reverb, why does it clip so quickly, and lower the volume of the sound?
(You need to set a highpass filter at 0.1 HZ before going into the reverb,that way you have waayyyy more headroom and can actually set the reverb fully wet)

There are many things like this with any synth and software I bought, you have to read every bit in the forum, manual and youtube videos that you can, and use the thing a lot.

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Hey thanks a lot for sharing ideas and workflows
How about sharing once in a while explaining and digitaly sharing some of these interesting approaches or actually presets



I will absolutely make some “tutorial” videos as soon as I’m back in my studio! Currently on holiday…