Any updates coming soon?

Hey there hasn’t been an update in a while. I bought the percussa riding on the fact that you were going to be continually building modules for it. re you guys still working on this thing? I am probably going to sell it if you guys are not.

While I recognize it can be frustrating to not see an update, if you look at the functionality that was introduced in the previous one, it was huge.

I would suggest that if there are particular things you’re wanting to have, drop them a suggestion post. They have always been supportive I’ve found.

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Six feature updates this year, by my count. That’s more than any other module I own, and from a company of two, no less. @brightbluebeetle said it well: definitely suggest you write up your specific wishlist and post it. Also, make sure it’s not something you can already build with the SSP’s existing building blocks :grin:

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I hate to point this out so directly but feel it valuable to do so. If this is how one frames the buying, keeping, and actual production of music with the SSP; it is either:

not the product for that person
that person is approaching the SSP with self-defeating expectations

It isn’t that there won’t be forthcoming updates. There simply isn’t a release schedule for new developments. The product is a fine music production tool as it stands and will get better over time. There is nothing stopping a person from being fully creative with it. Further updates will only add value but aren’t stopping anyone.

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Yes, there will be more updates. Besides writing software, we also have to handle countless other tasks that comes with running a business, such as organizing production, accounting, marketing, etc etc :slight_smile: Welcome to the forum and feel free to post any questions, feature requests and join existing threads.

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You guys are right. I think i am just getting frustrated because i am having a hard time learning how to use it correctly. It is m first eurorack piece and I am very confused. I think what I am really looking for is more knowledge in to how to use it. Bert is there any chance you would do more videos explaining how to use it? or any of the users who commented. I am use to devices shoeing a manual. that is how I usually get to to learn something. Anyways, I apologize for my tone earlier. Thank you all for replying.


Did you already check out these videos?

Yes those videos were helpful. I watched them again last night. I think it took a few times for me to think them through. I still would love some more tutorial context, maybe focused on each module, and how to appropriately connect different parts of them, as well some patch ideas. There have have been a good amount of updates since those videos and it would helpful for the newer modules to be explained.

most if not all software updates come with a long explanation of any new modules introduced and typically come with an example patch. See the “software updates” section of the forum.

we cannot teach synthesis concepts as well, this is something you first have to read up about if you feel you lack some background knowledge. Once you know the basics, e.g. how do I make an FM bell sound using oscillators, you can build the patch on the SSP.

Hopefully the community will help further organize the wealth of information already in the forum as well as make some additional tutorial videos.