Amplifiing a cv or audio signal

Sorry for the question, but where do I amplify a signal, cv respectively audio on an easy way

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Have a look at the VCA module. It contains 4 channels that each have an individual Gain parameter. The signal chain also includes an Attenuator and CV control over the overall level of signal (taking into account any Gain and Attenuation settings). Being the SSP - it works equally well with CV and audio signals

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you can amplify almost everywhere

on the input module, just select gain ; turn knob 1

on the grid, just select any module, hold S1 or S2 and turn knob 3 (input for that signal/modulator) or turn knob 4 (output for that signal/modulator)

Hi there. in the input module I have found gain. thanks for that hint.
What’s confusing: in I would say, that in quite all other module Input/Output S1/S2 parameters provides number-values from 0 to 1 understood as “attenuation”, means for me that there is no optional amplification available. am I wrong?
btw. I perceive that the gain parameter in VCA with 0.5 (default value) is in fact unmodified signal?

The SSP has a range of -5V to +5V on all inputs. This means that if you feed a signal into an input that is “larger” than this range (i.e. voltage swing beyond these limits) then the signal will clip. So if you have a sine wave going from -7V to +7V it will get topped off and you will end up with a square wave at the input. This means that you have to attenuate the signal first, so it is within the -5V … +5V range, before feeding it into the SSP.

Once you’ve fed the signal into the SSP, in the software, the -5V … +5V range is represented by -1.0 … +1.0. As explained in the replies above you can scale the incoming signals at module inputs or the outgoing signals from module outputs, using shift left + encoder 3 / shift right + encoder 4. The scopes on the right hand side of the display show the scaling factors.

The input module lets you scale each of the incoming signals as well, but as I explained above, if your signal is already clipped before it gets sampled by the SSP, you cannot fix that within the SSP. All you can then do is amplify/attenuate the “clipped” signal, if that makes sense.

In the grid, when using shift left/right + encoder 3/4, to scale incoming or outgoing signals of modules, there is only attenuation at the moment. No amplification or offsetting, although I plan to add amplification/offsetting in the grid. The input module does have offsetting (bias) and amplification (gain).

I recommend you read the description of the VCA module in this software update post

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