A10 (SSP video)

I uploaded a video after a long time.

Live performance using modular synth (w/ Max for Live)

It is the 11th work that focuses on the atmospheres.

All sound sources come from SSP.
All events come from Max for Live & SSP.
All controls were done with ATN8 & TouchOSC.

The SSP’s audio interface and another audio interface were integrated into one, and all inputs and outputs were communicated with Max (for Live), which produced its own. I don’t use CV Tools anymore. And Ableton Live’s audio effects were used in real time through Max for Live’s control.

Thanks for watching.

(:headphones:If you listen to it with earphones or headphones, you can enjoy the stereo imaging.:headphones:)
(:loud_sound:Please turn up the volume.:loud_sound:)


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Great to see you back here Motoko with a new piece!

Atmospheres indeed - it took me on a night jungle visit while listening. Loved the escape

BTW - I like how you have optimised / minimised your setup to what is essentially and SSP / laptop / 16 external controllers.

Thank you for listening carefully and thank you for your review.