A feature of the ARP module for sample and hold

[Description of feature]
A feature at ARP that avoids moving to the next step by using the internal tempo of ARP.

[How will this feature improve the workflow or experience for all SSP users]
ARP can role as the S&H by this feature.

If my understanding is correct, APR set the internal tempo value using an interval of the clock signal, and setting the internal tempo value may be for clock division/multiplication factor.
I understand ARP can use as an S&H-like function but when using APR as an S&H, internal tempo interferes with hold timing.

For example, setting STEP value: 0, Length: 1 on the ARP module, sending the gate signal into the reset input can control hold timing of signal input.
But internal tempo interferes with hold timing. If gate timing is longer than the internal tempo, the step of ARP moves to the next step and hold signal with unintended timing.

I want to control hold timing by pushing the MIDI pad but I cannot control hold timing because the step moves suddenly by internal tempo.

If APR can avoid moving to the next step by the internal tempo of ARP, we can sync the hold timing with the reset completely and I think it can role as the S&H exactly.


thanks for the suggestion. have you tried manipulating the clock you feed into the ARP? you might be able to get what you want by manually “clocking” the ARP. I haven’t tried this myself but maybe this can be helpful.

I already tested feeding gate to clock-in and it doesn’t work because the step of ARP moves by using the internal tempo.

Please confirm following movie.
After 8sec, I didn’t push pad but signal was held.

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ok i see, in that case i should change this behaviour maybe, depending on other people’s use of the ARP. i guess if you can drive it with a clock an internal clock is not necessary. i’ll think about it.

I’ve a dedicated 4 channel sample and hold module ( with extras ;)) in development.


It’s really good news!
Thank you for considering S&H development @thetechnobear !

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Liking it already! 20 chars :smiley: