4th SSP video

Live performance using modular synths and CV Tools.

It is the fourth work that focuses on the atmosphere.

All sound sources come from Percussa SSP. (Wavetable Oscillator Module, Sampler Module and Granular Module)
All events come from Teletype. (+SSP)
PNW is the master clock.

CV Tools receives the trigger signal and controls the M4L patch and AL effects.
Thanks for watching.

(:headphones:I recommend listening with earphones or headphones.:headphones:)


Loved it, thanks for sharing!

Listened to it in my studio and the stereofield is impressive. Is the panning done with the SSP?

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This is a beautiful Sci-Fi soundtrack. Very suspenseful too! I found myself exploring a deserted space station discovering shards of former inhabitants and proof of alien lifeforms. Wonderful. Great work!

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Thanks for watching!

Panning was controlled by the M4L patch via CV Tools.

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Thanks for your sensory feedback!

I also want to explore more of the alien life forms. :alien:

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