44.1KHz and related sample rates

Description of feature (short and simple): 44.1KHz sampling rates and derivatives

How will this feature improve the workflow or experience for all SSP users (keep it short and focused):
I’m having an issue where I would really like to be able to use the SSP as an audio device with my Akai MPC (or other situations) but the Akai seems to only work at 44.1, and will not work at all with the SSP because of the sample rate mismatch… :frowning:

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same problem here (X & SSP)

I’d think it unlikely worth the dev effort to add 44.1k …
switching the codec to 44.1k is easy enough, but almost all modules would need to be updated to support it… and its not as easy as 48,96,192, since these are simple fractions 1x, 2x,4x.
(this is likely why Percussa chose 48k as the base in the first place)

unfortunately, in case, where the big fish (Akai) really should be the one showing more flexibility, esp, as 48k and derivatives are pretty popular.

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Understood. I’m sure I have no idea what programming effort it would be for either product developer. It just would be amazing if these two products would work together in this way. My preference would be for 48k all around, but the music world seems firmly rooted in places.

effort depends on approach, e.g. you could do up/down sampling , though that creates a bit extra cpu, and possibly artefacts … but is less effort, that doing native support.

Id think, 48k support must be a pretty popular request for Akai …
as almost all MPC users at some point connect to a computer, and a fair number of users use 48k on their computers, after all 44.1 is just a throw back to CDs :slight_smile:
and Id certainly not want to switch SR, just because I was using an MPC :wink:

but yeah, problem with large companies is, although they have the resources, its hard to get things changed if its not on their roadmap.

if you connect the MPC to a computer, then it is ‘only’ a controller, not a sound card

still, 44Khz on the MPC sounds very pro (there are no issues at all conc. the sound quality)

agree that AKAI pro/Native Instruments/Inmusic should provide native 48Khz support

(luckily there’s Expert Sleepers ES-9 -and iPad as alternative to connect to the SSP )

Mpc live 1/2 and one can be used audio interfaces devices.
The ability to host is a relative new thing.