4-voice preset


preset consisting of 4 voices each with the following modules

  1. midi input module
  2. envelope module
  3. input module
  4. output module
  5. wavetable module

The first 2 input jacks (top row, from the left) will modulate the wavetable oscillators of the voices. Connect a joystick or LFO or other modulation source to those jacks if you want.

The patch is meant to be played with a MIDI controller. Connect a keyboard to the 2nd USB port from the left (the middle one). The notes are assigned round robin to the MIDI modules (each module is assigned to a different voice via the V1-V4 toggles of the MIDI modules, on the p-page).

Don’t forget that if you have an MPE controller you might have to enable that in the global page. If you have a normal MIDI keyboard controller turn off the MPE in the global page.

The pitches of the MIDI module control the pitch of the wavetable oscillators. The amplitude of the oscillators is controlled by envelopes which are triggered by the MIDI module gate signal. The input modules connect the jacks to the X/Y/Z parameters of the wavetable oscillator. The mod wheel CC output of the MIDI module also controls some of these wavetable parameters.

All 4 wavetable oscillator outputs go to the output module, after which the sound goes through the global delay / reverb section.

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