3rd SSP video

Live performance using modular synths and CV Tools.

The SSP’s wavetable oscillator is the main sound source (+ Physical Modeling Membrane). The XYZ axis of the wavetable was modulated through the envelope follower. All samplers used here were not used as sound sources. It was used as an envelope generator to replace the envelope generator. Each sample’s waveform creates a unique envelope. (Of course, through VCA)

Teletype creates structures. Each script emits a trigger and CV through the configured and probability, which is controlled by TXi. The trigger input is taken from Pam’s NEW Workout.

One of the main functions of the SSP, the interface allows integration with a computer. I received the pulse from the trigger type of Teletype through Ableton Live’s CV Tools and operated the M4L patch I made, and used the effects of Ableton Live together.

(I recommend listening with earphones or headphones.)

Thanks for watching.


I like the textures after the 02:37 mark

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I will check again what you said. Thanks for your feedback!

Really enjoying the series, and anyone using monome makes me happy. Norns with SSP is heaven for me.

Question. Which case is that?

Thank you! Your combination of SSP and Norns makes me happy just imagining it. :slight_smile:

The case is called miniBang from Octomo. (Unfortunately, it’s out of stock.)

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