3D objects to load for the graphic wavetable module

Is it possible and in which format to load other 3D objects, other then the spheres and or change the position of the lights falling on those objects, or eg having on a white sphere a pict projected ? For example all those things you could think of in blender ….


Just like to add to this. In my mind I’m thinking, yes - could in the future there be an option to load a 3D object? This would provide opportunities (I assume) for different behaviors of the PLY, particularly when modulating the PLY parameters.

Bert did mention this was a possibility at Superbooth…

I cannot remember the details, but iirc…
basically its an OpenGL shader, so theoretically you could just load a shader from file.
the sound is then generated from the rendered image… so it would work with whatever it was given.

I’ve honestly not dug that much into OpenGL, so how this would work in practice…
(and frankly, too many other things are higher on my priority list :wink: )
but of course, the SSP SDK is there, so others could give it a go.