12032019 - Encoders are really 'jumpy'

Bug description (state clearly and simply):

Just noticing that the encoders are really jumpy when ie: selecting tiles, presets, skimming through the list of tiles processes. RTMM is on. When off it’s the same behavior.

ie: if I’m at the maximum preset number and keep turning clockwise, the selection with jump around erratically.

Software version (blank if unknown):


Type (major or minor):

not major in a crashing sense, but major in compromising ease of use

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I’ve noticed this as well, also pre 12032019.

This was a monster update and I’m still looking through it all. I’m sure this will get locked down. From my experience this is only an issue if you really whirl an encoder


OK, I haven’t noticed this but I will look into this and see if I can come up with a smoother solution for acceleration.

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I’m working on a solution, it’s already working pretty well but needs more testing. More news in the coming days/week.

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this should now have been fixed / improved in the latest update.