10th SSP Video

Live performance using modular synth (w/ CV Tools)

It is the 10th work that focuses on the atmosphere.

All sound sources come from SSP. (Granular, Rngs(Sampler for ‘audio in’), Noise Generator, Bit Crusher … )
All events come from two Teletypes. (+PNW)
Pamela’s NEW Workout is the master clock.
All controls were done with the TXi. (+SSP & Teletypes)

Modular System - SSP - CV Tools

CV Tools receives the teletype trigger/CV signals through the interface of the SSP. And those signals control Max for Live patches I made and Ableton Live effects in real time.

Thanks for watching.

(:headphones:If you listen to it with earphones or headphones, you can enjoy the stereo imaging.:headphones:)
(:loud_sound:Please turn up the volume.:loud_sound:)


great noiz!

luc van acker (a famed belgian gitarist) on the SSP

#ministry #revoltingcocks #clockDVA

the bitcrusher is great in the SSP

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Thank you! I’ll listen to Luc van Aker’s music. Thank you for introducing me. Bit crusher is a very attractive module.